Thursday, January 31, 2013

Zucchini Pancakes

Back in Little Miss' picky eating days, I had to sneak in the veggies.  She's so much better after years of serving the same things on her plate, but I have a new issue.  Chubby Cheekers has found his independence.

The baby only wants to feed himself.  Since he isn't even a year (I'm holding on to these last weeks), I can't just hand him a spoon.  Well I guess I could, but the mess!  Oh the mess he would make.  Nevertheless, I have to feed the kid something, and sometimes I don't feel like waging a war over how he's being fed.

For some reason, I just can't fork over a pancake to him without something in it like a fruit or veggie.  He has to have them.  I can only make so many apple cinnamon pancakes before you wonder what else is out there I can shove into a pancake.  Ah, YES!  Zucchini.  Not enough flavor to change the taste, but oh the nutrition.

Without further hesitation, I reintroduce the Zucchini Pancake.  Best wishes on getting those veggies in!  Here is my motto on kids and veggies...Don't give up, get sneaky!  Thankfully Chubby Cheekers is not picky on what he eats.  He's just picky on how he eats.  My little stinker.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

F.I.T. Boot Camp: Evening Classes

I am not a morning person.

5am???  That's the butt crack of dawn!

I can't get ready for work in time.

My body doesn't do THAT that early in the morning.

Guess what???  If you used one of these excuses towards boot camp, you can't anymore.  F.I.T. (Fun Intense Training) Boot Camp now offers EVENING CLASSES!!!

Just as the poster says, classes are T/Th nights from 7:45-8:30.  These classes are for men and women, and are already filling up fast. Call Erica today to reserve your spot (918.361.5255).  This isn't just something you do once you are in shape.  This GETS you in shape.  It is hands down the best workout program I have been apart of, and I've done a, body pump, zumba, Turbo Kick, Cardio Blast, etc.  This workout regime pushes me to be my best, and who doesn't want that?  The added bonus...Erica.  A person who will motivate you in an encouraging way. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Babes

Somehow I found myself flipping through pics last night.  How easily I forget that just a few short years ago Little Man, Little Miss, and Chunkey Monkey were just little babes.  Now they're big guys.  I think I may blink and Chubby Cheekers and Mr. Fluffypants will be big guys too.  Say it ain't so.  Say it ain't so.

 {Little Man 11 months}

 {Little Miss 11 months}

{Little Man: 2.5 years, Little Miss and Chunkey Monkey: 9.5 months}

All of these pics seem like 'yesterday'.  I just blinked and they grew.  Slow down Time.  Slow down.

And for comparative purposes, check out my little lions...
2012:  Chubby Cheekers as a lion 

2007:  Little Man as a lion 

I see a tinge of a resemblance.  If someone could explain to me how in the world Steven and I, who are polar opposites in the looks department, could produce children who look so similar.  It's a mystery.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Menu Monday

We are at the end of our first month of cash only.  My $450 monthly budget for grocery, household, and baby needs came in under budget by $2.14.  I was sweatin' it.  I had my calculator out figuring out how far I could stretch the money I had leftover.  I shopped my pantry like crazy.  I thanked the Good Lord for the good produce sales.  I searched for recipes that contained the produce that was on sale.  This leaves us with three new recipes on this week's menu.  YIKES!  I hope they are good, or my family may kick me out.

Monday-Southwestern Chopped Chicken Salad, Fresh Fruit Salad
Tuesday-Quinoa Fajitas and Corn Saute
Wednesday-Key West Grilled Chicken, Green Beans, Cheesy Biscuits
Thursday-Buffalo Wing Soup, Crusty Bread, Salad
Friday-BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Potato Crispers, Fresh Veggies and Dip
Saturday-Sweet and Sour Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, Asian Noodles
Sunday-Dinner @ Mom's

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rhea Lana of South Tulsa~Getting the Good Stuff

Rhea Lana South Tulsa
February 10th-16th

Last week I shared with you how you can increase your income with just a few hours of work.  It's my secret 'Get Rich Quick' scheme...only it's not a scheme. It's totally legit.

If you aren't interested in turning profit, maybe you are the professional shopper. Well, guess what?  I'm talking to the Professional Shopper today.

If you have ever shopped a consignment sale, you know the key to getting the best items at the lowest prices is by shopping early.  Technically, the sale opens to the public on Sunday, February 10th @ 1:00pm.  However, you can get in earlier if I share a wee little secret with you. Do you want to know?  I can only tell you if you promise to keep it a secret.  I don't want someone else stealing that dirt cheap Arctic Cat out from under my feet.  Okay, here it goes...

You can shop as early as Saturday, February 9th @ 5:00pm, IF you can spare four hours...ONLY FOUR HOURS...of your time.

Now...SHHHHH!...this is our little secret.  That little secret listed above will allow you to shop just hours after the last group of consignors drop off their stuff.  That means you get your hands on the BEST goods first. You won't miss out.

Now here's how you go about volunteering...

Go HERE to register for an assigned time slot anytime during the sale.  Then you show up for your shift.  The best part about this is you get time away to be around some great ladies, making new friends, all while earning yourself some good deals.  This sounds more like a mini vacation rather than a volunteering job, right?

Now, I have another little secret.  I know.  I'm full of them today.  Are you ready for it?

You can also have your consignor fee ($8.00) waived.*

What the what???  Yep.  You can have your consignor fee waived.  All you have to do is sign up to volunteer a SPECIAL SHIFT below...

Consignor Fee Waiving Shift

  • Any Check-In Shift on Friday, February 8th
  • Any Check-In Shift on Saturday, February 9th
  • Any Sort Shift on Saturday, February 16th
  • Any Sort Shift on Sunday, February 17th
*In addition to your fee being waived, you will STILL receive the Early Worker's Pass to shop early...BONUS!!!

Now Ladies, get on it.  Go sign up to volunteer!  

Next week, I'll be sharing a bit more info and there may or may not be a GIVEAWAY.  A giveaway involving cash.  I don't know.  Maybe this is just crazy talk ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Milk Twins

Chubby Cheekers is quickly approaching the one year mark.

My wittle bitty baby is turning one next month.  Whaaaaaaa!

When Little Man turned one, I began to think about how to go about weaning him.  Did I just stop?  Did I let him nurse less and less?  Would he feel abandoned?  Scarred?  Have detachment issues?  Seriously.  This all crossed my mind.  I was a total mess.  After much reading, and reading, and more reading, I decided to gradually wean him.  Cut out feedings here and there until he decided one night that he didn't want the milk twins anymore.  He was 14 months old.

Nine months later, Little Miss arrived.  Yep.  Not planned. I distinctly remember telling Steven, "I don't think my birth control is working yet?"  His famous last words, "It will be fine."

It was fine, in fact. I got me a baby girl.  She was beautiful and I nursed her until she was 15 months old.

When you add up the time I was preggo and nursing, it ends up being a little shy of 4 continuous years where  a baby was physically dependable on my body.  There were a lot of sacrifices made over those 4 years.

Sometimes I longed to just go somewhere, anywhere, and not worry about what time I needed to be home.  It got a little frustrating to be out somewhere past the three hour mark and my boobs start burning because they were ready to feed a baby.  Carrying my pump back and forth to work everyday milking myself was also great fun.  Good times.  Countless times I would be pumping and making phone calls to parents (only once was I busted...Uh...Mrs. Torres...are you...are you...pumping?).  Yep, that was embarrassing. but I survived.

I tell you all this because I truly believe there is a payoff for everything.  Despite the sacrifices of being a breastfeeding mom, I have one (actually two) big payoff.  BOOBIES!!!

Just the other day I was sharing with one of my mommy friends that I intended to nurse Chubby Cheekers until he was 18 months.  Her response, "Oh Amanda, that is so great.  I wish I could have held on that long.  Breast milk is so beneficial for babies." 

Can I be real honest here?  Breast is best, but that's not why I'm doing it.  I'm fine with weaning babies at 14-15 months if they are ready.  I've done it twice before and I have some fairly well adjusted kids (they have their moments). I going longer this time because summer is around the corner.  I fully intend to have my nursing boobies holding up my swimsuit!  Just one last summer of my life where something is holding up my top.  It's going to be great!!!  Is this totally selfish?  Yes.  Yes, it is.  Do I care?  No.  No, I don't.  So if you see me at the pool this summer, be sure to get one last good look at the Milk Twins.  It will be their last summer with us :(

Now, I tried to find a picture appropriate for this blog post and this was as good as it gets...

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Boredom Has Set In

I have watched WAY too much TV, checked out WAY too much Facebook, and sitting around doing WAY too much of nothing.  I don't do sick too well.  At first I thought this rest stuff would be awesome.  No grocery shopping, no laundry, no cleaning, just sitting...doing nothing.  It was awesome for about 2 hours.  Then I got antsy.

I absolutely love to read, but I only check out books from the library.  Since I wasn't planning this whole flu thing, I didn't check one out last week.  Silly me.  Next time, I'll be sure to plan.  Luckily, I had two Dave Ramsey books on hand, Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace University.  I was already halfway through Total Money Makeover so I finished that up and began Financial Peace University.

First off, I love both of them.  I love the message they convey.  I love the whole use every dollar every month.  I love the 'Tell Your Money Where To Go' attitude.  I love making a new budget each month to fit what happens in that month.  I love it all.

Steven and I have never been bad with our money, but we definitely live on a very limited income since we opted for me to stay home with the kids.  We don't have debt outside of our mortgage.  So why FPU (Financial Peace University)?  Frankly, we wanted to be more intentional about where our money goes.  More disciplined.  So far, we are almost one month down and this is definitely a new way of life for us.  It gives us so much more control and PEACE.  Shut the front door, right?

Since beginning this new lifestyle, I've had multiple questions and comments about what we're doing.  I think it's great to see so many people curious about changing the way they handle money, and how many of my friends are ALREADY doing this.  It's awesome.  Simply awesome.

What's not awesome are the statistics in this book.  I get so heartbroken at what people around me are going through with their finances.  Take this excerpt...

Now, if you live in a middle-income neighborhood, out of your 100 closest neighbors there is at least one house empty from foreclosure, plus one foreclosure under way, and four to seven of your neighbors are more than three months behind on their house payment.
~Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace Revisited

Good grief!  This is terrible...and real.  What really rocks me to the core is when I reference this with comments made by others.  

I could never do the whole cash thing.  I don't want to be that restricted.

If I want to go out to eat and not cook dinner, then that's what I want to do.  I don't want to wait on the cash to be there.

But what do you do if there's a really good sale?  How can you pass that deal up?  It will cost you more later?

So is our needs to have stuff more important then our needs to live within our means.  Are we really willing to put our homes in jeopardy because we want the stuff?  Crash our future finances for a great meal at the restaurant everyone has been talking about?  Maybe the people who own these comments really know they can afford to do all their 'wants'.  We can't.  This is why we opted for a more disciplined approach to our money.  Does it totally suck to decline invitations because we don't have the cash in the designated envelope?  Yep, but it doesn't suck to know what we are working towards just got a little more attainable.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Monday

I have the flu.  Yep.  Totally stinks.  I have found that I don't do idle very well.  However, I get up to do something and suddenly that something turns into the most taxing workout I've ever done in my life.  It is so crazy.  I feel like I have a simple head cold with a worn out body. Not the flu.  Annoying.

Since we have covered the bases of how I feel about this flu thing, I think I shall be positive.  Our family, as a whole, will be whole and healthy.  No more sickness for us.  Sooo, if you're sick.  We love you, but stay home.

Now for the menu...

Monday-BBQ Chicken Quesadillas, Corn Saute
Tuesday-Baked Chicken, Sweet Potato Slices, Salad
Wednesday-Marlboro Man's 2nd Favorite Sandwich, Crispy Potato Bites
Thursday-Man Pleasing Chicken, Peas, Cheesy Biscuits
Friday-Chicken Tacos and Pineapple Salsa with Tortilla Chips
Saturday-Club Roll Ups and Fresh Veggies and Fruits
Sunday-Dinner at my FIL's!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rhea Lana of South Tulsa~CONSIGN NOW

Rhea Lana of South Tulsa
Spring/Summer Sale

February 10th-16th
It's really hard to believe the RL sale is just around the corner.  It seems like I picked up my FAT check just a few months ago.  It's time for you to get ready to earn cash too!

Sometimes we get stuck on a narrow road of thought that our income only comes from steady paychecks.  Like Steven's job.  He brings in the bulk of our income, but I have to add to it to make this family stay afloat.  I do little things like teach gymnastics, keep my adorable nephews, and consign.  Yes, I said consign.  I sell off what we don't need to pay for things we do.  Does it take time?  Yes.  Is it money in my pocket? Yes.  Is it worth it? YES!  

Let's take the last sale for example.  I spent about 2 hours gathering, sorting, and prepping clothes.  I received over $225 for those two hours.  This was just on clothes alone.  No toys or baby gear.  JUST CLOTHES.  Think about that pay out.  I made about $112.50/hour.  I don't know about you, but that is time well spent.

Convinced that consigning is worth it?  Here's what you do...
  1. GoHERE to sign up as a consignor.
  2. Gather two bins.  One for donations and one for consigning.  (If you wouldn't buy it, don't consign it!  Rhea Lana has a reputation of selling nice items only.)
  3. Prep and organize your items.  Go HERE for item prep.
  4. Take your items in.  Go HERE for drop off times and procedure.
  5. Sit down with a cup of coffee and watch your money grow through LIVE sales reports!
  6. Pick up your check.
That's pretty simple, right?

Now, Rhea Lana automatically gives you 70% of your sales (that's more than any other sale in this area), but if that's not enough for you check out the ways to earn more HERE.

So there you have it.  All the information you need to get your unwanted/unused items working for you.  

Next week, I'm going to share how you can get in on finding the deals at the Rhea Lana of South Tulsa sale before anyone else!  You know, where you find the barely used Britax carseat for 60% off retail OR, that Ergo carrier dirt cheap and looking new.  How awesome is it to tell your friends...Yeah, I got this Ergo for $20.  

Stay tuned for more...

Until then, LIKE Rhea Lana of South Tulsa on Facebook.  I hear there are some giveaways in the works.  Yeah, I said it...GIVEAWAYS!  What are you waiting for???  Go like them!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chubby Cheekers~11 Months Edition

Hey Ladies,

It's the last days of my baby life.  I have to say, I've totally rocked this first year and there's still a full month left.  That means I have a lot of time to get into more mischief around the house.  That is my area of expertise...mischief.

Since my last writings, I've learned to walk.  Even though crawling is my first mode of transportation, I would consider myself a proficient walker.  If I'm holding something, I'm an even better walker.  Just last night I was carrying around the step stool in the bathroom.  I'd like to think of it as lifting weights while walking, but Mommy just calls it 'Danger'.  She's so crazy.

For those of you wondering about my eating habits, they are great.  I still prefer fine milk via the Milk Twins, but I'll eat pretty much anything.  My favorite foods to chew are the ones called Daddy's Plate.  Stuff that comes from there is so yummy.  That Mommy, she can really cook up some good stuff.  If Daddy's Plate is unavailable, I will scarf down my baby food.  You know that stuff that goes in the blender.  It's not like I really need it pureed though.  I have seven teeth.  Trust me.  Those guys are sharp.

Speaking of teeth, I'd like to share with you my all time funniest jokes.  It cracks me up every single time.  First you find someone just sitting around not paying attention to you.  Then you crawl up and bite them.  When they say, "OWWWW!" you do a big 'ol belly laugh.  It is so funny. Finally, when they are paying attention you open your mouth real wide to show them all your ferocious teeth and pretend to bite them.  Your innocent victim will flinch every time.  That's funny too.  

Aside from my pranks, I have also found a new activity that I love.  It's called pull the dishes out of the dishwasher and walk off with them.  I can hear that dishwasher open a mile away.  I'm not quite sure why Mommy groans each time she opens that thing.  That's like a little party in a hidey-hole.  So many trinkets just laying around and water to splash in.  It's also super fun to step onto, because then I can reach the counter and guess what???  The counter has even better stuff up there.  If Mommy thinks I'm ornery now, she's got another thing coming.  Get ready Mommy!!!

Well, I'd better get my rest.  I have to save up my energy because I'll definitely be spending some tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the day I think I'll empty out the Tupperware drawer.  Oh wait, I do that everyday.  Another favorite past time.

Chubby Cheekers

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pork Palace

Undoubtedly I find my husband the most attractive man on this Earth.  He's tall.  He's dark.  He's handsome.  He has more muscles than I know what to do with, but once a year his 'looks' factor drops a few points.  It drops all because of this...

He grows out his beard.  By the looks of it, it's not too bad.  By the feel of it, it's awful.  I'm not sure what's worse rubbing my face next to his or a porcupine's butt.  They probably feel the exact same.

I'm guessing he does this to exercise his right of ultimate manhood.  My other explanation is maybe he has viewed too many episodes of Duck Dynasty, but who am I kidding?  This is no Duck Dynasty.  At best we're the Pork Palace.  That's a new pitch for a show.  A bunch of Puerto Rican's with beards searching for the ulitmate piece of pork.  I have mentioned how Puerto Rican's love their pork, right?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Menu Monday

We have our Chicago family coming to town this week.  We are so pumped.  They are arriving on Friday and staying through Monday.  Undoubtedly, they will want to go out to dinner.  Since we are on a cash only system, we have set aside out to eat money this week, so you'll see the Torres Family eating out.  In fact, as I'm typing Steven and I are listening to Part One of Financial Peace University (thanks Samantha).  So far, I'm in love and excited about living like no one else!

Chubby Cheekers also turns 11 months this week.  The last of his babyhood days.  Sigh.  I can't think about this right now so onto the menu...

Monday-Dijon Crumb Coated Chicken, Green Beans, Cheesy Biscuits
Tuesday-Fried Chicken, Au Gratin Potatoes, Salad
Wednesday-Creamed Chicken and Biscuits, Corn
Thursday-Baked Fajitas, Salad, Brown Rice
Friday-Out to Dinner
Saturday-BBQ Pork Chops, Steamed Broccoli, Buttered Bread
Sunday-Dinner at Yoly's (Steven's Mom)

Friday, January 11, 2013

My NEW Go To Snack

I am a granola bar girl.  When I need a quick snack, I grab one and devour it.  I know, I know. Great mental image, right?

Last week, I came across this on Pinterest.  Thank goodness I have friends who post healthy stuff.  Otherwise, I'd be eating cookies all the time.  I kid.  I think I kid.

So here's our family's new favorite snack.  Three different people who tried mine all said the same thing.  This tastes like no bake cookies.  In all honesty, one person who shall remain anonymous actually said, Hey!  These taste like diarrhea cookies.  And that folks, is the world I live in.  So glamorous.

Without further ado, here's the new snack we love...

{pic via Give Me Some Oven}

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chubby Cheekers~Party Animal Edition

Chubby Cheekers is by far the most demonstrative baby we've had thus far.  What am I talking about 'thus far'?  We ain't havin' no more babies.  He's it.  The craziest Torres baby.  I have two videos to prove it to you.

First up, the dance party animal.  Every time Elmo comes out, he gets jiggy wit' it.  Real jiggy.  I have concerns.

Next up is Chubby Cheekers: Rap Star. Please excuse the older kids riding their horses through the house.  I wish I had captured his entire solo, but by the time I got to where he was, he was finishing up and watching his older siblings.  However, you can see him standing all by his big boy self and he definitely knows what to do with a mic.  At 10 months old.  Do I have my hands full or what???

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cash Money

Finances.  Budget. These probably aren't your favorite words.  Not really mine either.  It takes work to make your budget.  It takes discipline to stick with your budget.  Discipline I thought I had mastered.

Isn't it funny, just when you think you've mastered something you discover there's more to learn?  Honestly, I don't know if I'll ever master this finance stuff, but I like the new track we're on right now.

Last August Steven and I made a decision that will greatly increase our outflow of money.  Mind you, we already live on very little.  Since making that decision, we have been making changes to the way we handle our money in attempts to save more money now.  Even though our next big step in life won't occur until later this year, we needed to start stashing cash away to prepare.  

I'm so thankful that we are not at this alone.  When we made our decision, we asked God to reveal to us how to accomplish this goal.  Little by little He has shown us ways to maximize our income and decrease our outflow.  One way was refinancing our house.  Yes, refinancing the house we have only lived in for 2 years!  The savings there alone was $260/month.  Crazy, right???  What's even crazier is how we came about making the decision to refinance our house.  Seriously crazy.  Like chasing a rabbit crazy, because this girl did not want to do it.  In the end, the process was so easy.  Neither Steven nor I ever had to go to the mortgage office until the day of closing.  Closing lasted all of 10 minutes.  It was awesome!  If you need a mortgage guy, I have one for you!  We've used him twice and both times we were blown away with his staff's efficiency and customer service.

I digress.

What I really wanted to share was the next step of what we needed to do.  Use strictly cash for non bill items.  Let me just say I have yet to watch the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Videos, but I am excited to do just that in the next few weeks.  However, I didn't want to hold up our finances waiting for videos.  I wanted to start January 1.  So I looked at our budget for this month, left enough money in checking to cover drafts and pulled cash out that I budgeted for groceries, vacation (we are going to FL in March), car care (we have  older vehicles), clothing/haircuts, home improvements, entertainment/fun, and groceries.  I stashed the allotted amount in each envelope.  No more debit card swipes.  Ever.

I can already tell how much I love this method.  Before, Steven and I had just one envelope to cover 'entertainment and miscellaneous' expenses.  What really bit me in the butt there was I would see how much cash I had and would tell myself, Do it, Amanda.  You can totally spend $30 on going out to eat.  You cook all the time.  Reward yourself.  Do it, do it, do it.  Then I would kick myself in the butt later on down the line because what I really needed to use the money for was to get an oil change.  UGH!  

Having the money designated for specifics has helped me stay focused on what I can and cannot do.  Does it totally suck to see a really good deal on workout clothes (like $5 for an Under Armor top instead of $50), and not have enough cash in the haircut/clothing envelope to do it?  Yes.  Yes, it does.  However, it has me focused on what's really important.  I have plenty of workout gear.  I didn't need a new top.  I wanted a new top.  Yes, $5 is an awesome deal, but saving for our lofty financial goal is more important than fulfilling a short term want.

What kind of things do you do to save your family money?  I want all the good tips!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Da' Menu

I have so much to tell you this week.  It's all about new experiences and how I am now super cool because not only have I shopped in Whole Foods, but I actually purchased something from Whole Foods.  I know, I know.  I'll be signing autographs later.

In all actuality, I could possibly be scarred for life upon entering the establishment. I am all for living a healthy lifestyle, but GEEZ!  The frugal woman inside of me couldn't get passed the price gauging on some items.  However, I'll save my ranting and reasons why I'll go back later this week.  I have a menu to get to people!

Monday-Grilled Chicken Salad, Cheesy Biscuits
Tuesday-Black Bean Fritters, Taco Quinoa
Wednesday-BBQ Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans
Thursday-Pot Roast, Potatoes, Carrots, and Buttered Wheat Bread
Friday-Pizza Bread and Salad
Saturday-Beer Crockpot Chicken, Corn Casserole, Steamed Broccoli
Sunday-Dinner @ Mom's

Monday, January 7, 2013

Lots of Excuses

I have some really good excuses as to why the menu is not done for today.  Are you ready?

  1. Chubby Cheekers is walking.
  2. We have moved to a cash only lifestyle as of January 1st.
  3. I somehow committed myself to train for a marathon, but won't actually run a marathon race.
  4. I went to Whole Foods.
  5. Chubby Cheekers is walking.
  6. Little Man returns back to school today...WHAAAAAAAAA!
  7. I spent too much time on a home organizational website.
  8. I went to Monster Jam.
  9. Chubby Cheekers is walking.
  10. I just didn't do it, but I know I have enough food...Hmmm, now what to make?
See you tomorrow.  Hopefully with a menu. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Chubby Cheekers...One Sick Dude

So last Friday I had to take Chubby Cheekers to the doctor.  He had a snotty nose and a pretty wet cough since Christmas, but when a small fever popped up I called the nurse line.  They wanted to see him.

While sitting in the waiting area I couldn't believe we were there.  He was crawling around and chatting it up with everyone in the waiting room.  The nurse calls us back and he's just waving and smiling.  We get to the room and she takes his temperature.  It was 101.3. Okay, so it was up a bit more. Maybe we did need to be here.

The Nurse Practioner walks in and checks his lungs first.  Super clear.  Then she tries to get a good look in his ears.  Welp, apparently homeboy has an issue with ear wax in his left ear because she had to remove a chunk about the size of Connecticut before she see.  I was thoroughly grossed out.  She said possible start to an ear infection.  Great, let's get some antibiotics and get out of here.

Just as I thought we had solved the problem, she tells me she wants to run a flu, strep, and RSV test.  What the what?  Why in the world do we need to do that???  So there we are holding down a baby who doesn't appear to be sick so she can get a good sample of snot, and a wonderful swab of the throat.  I was so impressed with Chubby Cheekers.  He didn't even cry.  Such a man of steel.  In fact, the nurse practioner made a comment about how laid back he was. Psh!  I knew he was putting on the ultimate show. Little Stinker.

We sat there for a good 20 minutes and little by little the results rolled in.  RSV...positive.  Flu...positive.  Strep...positive.  I am not lying.  I felt like the dirtiest mom alive.  Seriously.  How does a 10 month old get all that?  So we walked out with a antibiotic script and Tamiflu script, both of which taste like butt and cause diarrhea (antibiotic) and nausea (Tamiflu).  Perfect.  Just what we need.

Fast forward a week, and Chubby Cheekers is still behaving normally.  He's done with the Tamiflu and half of his antibiotic, and I'm still wondering if there were false positives.  I can't imagine a baby as young as him being diagnosed with so much and only running a 101.3 fever for half of a day, then BAM!  No more fever.  Eating fine, sleeping fine, playing fine. So weird, right?

So medical professional, enlighten me please.  Do you think the tests were accurate?  Did we just catch it early?  Do I have a super baby?  Is there such thing as false positives?  I'm a bit curious.

On a totally unrelated note, Chubby Cheekers has been toying with the idea of walking.  I would love for him to be up and about now.  I'm tired of his hands being all over the floor.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Because You Need a Laugh

I came across this video and it had me rolling.  The video itself is funny, but what really had me was Steven and I would challenge each other to do something like this.  However, I would never be able to keep a straight face.  This girl has game!

Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: Pinterest Favs

As I reflect on the most influential moments in my life, I undoubtedly have to pay tribute to Pinterest.  How life has changed with this glorious online file cabinet.  The online sorting of rooms, decorations, kid activities, style, and recipes has me excited to revamp everything.  I love it.

Despite my attempts to pin so many decorating ideas, the only 'Boards' that I frequently tackle are the kid activities and recipes.  Today I thought I break down the recipes that have changed my families lives.  Recipes that have my husband pointing at his food, shaking his head, and saying, "MmmmMmmmMmmm!!!"  Those are the recipes I love.

Without further ado here is my Top 10 Favorite Recipes a la Pinterest...

10. Man Pleasing Chicken
9.   Key West Grilled Chicken
8.   Baked Fajitas
7.   Beer Crockpot Chicken
6.   Black Bean Fritters
5.   Chili Con Queso Pasta
4.   Baked Meatballs
3.   Crispy SW Chicken Wraps
2.   Dinner on a Stick

And our most favorite recipe from 2012 (was first made on December barely snuck in) was...

1.  Rosemary Lemon Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

{pic via Eat Yourself Skinny}

There you have it peeps!  Our favorite recipes from 2012.  

I would also like to give a shout out to my one true favorite meal.  

I didn't put it on the list because the cut of meat was so expensive that I will only do it at Christmas.  Seriously, I almost didn't purchase the meat because it was 40% of my weekly grocery budget.  Yes, I spent $40 on ONE hunk of meat!  However, after one bite I realized I would do it again.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Fitness Goals

If you and I are friends on Facebook, then you have seen my daily posts about F.I.T Body Boot Camp.  I don't get anything in return from posting about it, but it's something I truly believe in.  Very rarely do you come in contact with a person who is in your corner as soon as you meet them.  I'm blessed to call Erica a friend, and even more blessed to have the opportunity to train under her and alongside her.

For the beginning of the year, I had to meet with Erica to get down to my skivvies and sports bra and take  'Before' body pics.  I'll post it for you later...SIKE!  (Those photos will remain under lock and key).  Then I had to come up with three S.M.A.R.T. fitness goals...

I really thought this was going to be easy, but I struggled.  I had to really focus on what did I really want to accomplish this year mentally and physically, and how was I going to do it.  After a lot of thought and self-doubt, I came up with these three.

  1. Complete the Warrior Dash on May 18th in under 50 minutes
  2. Have visible muscle definition in my arms and thighs before Spring Break (we're going to FL and I'll be wearing a swimsuit and 3 kids)
  3. Run the Full Moon Classic 5K in under 27 minutes
I think I can achieve these goals, but I'm not going to chance it.  Here's how I'm going to get there.  Things I'm going to do to MAKE sure these goals don't slip through my fingers.  Nothing is more frustrating to me than not achieving what I've set out to do.  So here's my game plan...
  • Train with Erica on trail running (she has the same Warrior Dash goal)
  • Work brief calisthenics into my running routine (Example: run 1 mile, stop and do 25 burpees, run 1/4 mile, stop and do 25 push ups, etc.)
  • Do 25 push ups every night before bed
  • Do 25 sump squats every night before bed
  • Continue to run M and W
  • Continue Boot Camp on F
I'm hopeful that these preparations will get my end results.  What are your fitness goals for 2013?  If you don't have any, I'm sure Erica could help you figure it out!  Call her today, 918.361.5255.