Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Milk Twins

Chubby Cheekers is quickly approaching the one year mark.

My wittle bitty baby is turning one next month.  Whaaaaaaa!

When Little Man turned one, I began to think about how to go about weaning him.  Did I just stop?  Did I let him nurse less and less?  Would he feel abandoned?  Scarred?  Have detachment issues?  Seriously.  This all crossed my mind.  I was a total mess.  After much reading, and reading, and more reading, I decided to gradually wean him.  Cut out feedings here and there until he decided one night that he didn't want the milk twins anymore.  He was 14 months old.

Nine months later, Little Miss arrived.  Yep.  Not planned. I distinctly remember telling Steven, "I don't think my birth control is working yet?"  His famous last words, "It will be fine."

It was fine, in fact. I got me a baby girl.  She was beautiful and I nursed her until she was 15 months old.

When you add up the time I was preggo and nursing, it ends up being a little shy of 4 continuous years where  a baby was physically dependable on my body.  There were a lot of sacrifices made over those 4 years.

Sometimes I longed to just go somewhere, anywhere, and not worry about what time I needed to be home.  It got a little frustrating to be out somewhere past the three hour mark and my boobs start burning because they were ready to feed a baby.  Carrying my pump back and forth to work everyday milking myself was also great fun.  Good times.  Countless times I would be pumping and making phone calls to parents (only once was I busted...Uh...Mrs. Torres...are you...are you...pumping?).  Yep, that was embarrassing. but I survived.

I tell you all this because I truly believe there is a payoff for everything.  Despite the sacrifices of being a breastfeeding mom, I have one (actually two) big payoff.  BOOBIES!!!

Just the other day I was sharing with one of my mommy friends that I intended to nurse Chubby Cheekers until he was 18 months.  Her response, "Oh Amanda, that is so great.  I wish I could have held on that long.  Breast milk is so beneficial for babies." 

Can I be real honest here?  Breast is best, but that's not why I'm doing it.  I'm fine with weaning babies at 14-15 months if they are ready.  I've done it twice before and I have some fairly well adjusted kids (they have their moments). I going longer this time because summer is around the corner.  I fully intend to have my nursing boobies holding up my swimsuit!  Just one last summer of my life where something is holding up my top.  It's going to be great!!!  Is this totally selfish?  Yes.  Yes, it is.  Do I care?  No.  No, I don't.  So if you see me at the pool this summer, be sure to get one last good look at the Milk Twins.  It will be their last summer with us :(

Now, I tried to find a picture appropriate for this blog post and this was as good as it gets...

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

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