Wednesday, January 30, 2013

F.I.T. Boot Camp: Evening Classes

I am not a morning person.

5am???  That's the butt crack of dawn!

I can't get ready for work in time.

My body doesn't do THAT that early in the morning.

Guess what???  If you used one of these excuses towards boot camp, you can't anymore.  F.I.T. (Fun Intense Training) Boot Camp now offers EVENING CLASSES!!!

Just as the poster says, classes are T/Th nights from 7:45-8:30.  These classes are for men and women, and are already filling up fast. Call Erica today to reserve your spot (918.361.5255).  This isn't just something you do once you are in shape.  This GETS you in shape.  It is hands down the best workout program I have been apart of, and I've done a, body pump, zumba, Turbo Kick, Cardio Blast, etc.  This workout regime pushes me to be my best, and who doesn't want that?  The added bonus...Erica.  A person who will motivate you in an encouraging way. 

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