Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life. Moves On. And Such.

I love writing.  I love writing on this blog.  I love connecting with people.  I love connecting with people through this blog.  There are days I can't wait to sit down to write my thoughts, and then there are days I get in bed, hit the pillow, and I'm out.  No time for writing. 

With the start of school, we've had new routines.  Trying to keep everyone cohesive and maximize quality time is work and that leaves little time for writing.  Presence has been an action I have been working on lately.  Presence with my kids.  Presence with my business. Presence as a wife.  Presence as a friend.  Presence as a Christian.  Presence as a (fill in the blank)______________.

Goodness.  We wear a lot of different hats. I used to focus on balancing life.  No doubt that's important, but what helps me maintain that balance is asking myself, "Am I being present in the activity I am doing NOW?" 

I may drop the ball with tasks I am supposed to complete and my to-do list may pile up on some days, but what I'm realizing is being present is what is keeps me focused on importance.  I'm not sure this helps anyone else, but life moves by fast for us.  We blink and it's a new month.  Sometimes I can barely remember the date. It's a new reality for me.  With baby #4 on the way, I'm realizing I'll manage the crazy, but being present where I'm at is what keeps me from jumping off the cliff of insanity.

After all, these kiddos reflect how I can feel in a matter of minutes.  If I don't stay present, this is what you get...

All of this to say, I haven't quit this blog.  I never will.  It's a great outlet.  It just may not happen everyday.