Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Major Boo-Boo

The Friday before Spring Break was over Mason was laying on the counter and I told him to get down. Well, he did a nice little barrel roll off the counter, hit the bar stool, and landed face down on the floor. Scared me to death. I was literally two feet away from him, but the way he fell I was unable to grab him before hitting the ground. When I picked him up to see if he was okay, I could see the blood dripping from his chin. I called Steven at work and he met us at Urgent Care. No stitches. Apparently they don't do stitches on little ones anymore. So he got some nice butterfly bandaids to hold the wound together. It's healed up pretty nicely for it being only a week, but today it got reopened. Mason was playing with his cars and fell forward AGAIN. Yep, right on the same spot. At least we know what to do now. All I can say is he is a trooper! Not many tears and super excited for an Elmo bandaid.
And here's a pic of Addie because she hasn't really received any love on the past two blogs. She is definitely more aware these days. So aware, she still doesn't sleep too well. Wakes up once at night around 3am and fights the naps. Mason sure did spoil us! So here's a rare photo of her sleeping on Daddy.

Snow, Snow, Snow

Saturday it snowed and it snowed and it snowed. Oklahoma weather is always interesting, but snow in late March rarely happens. However, we were excited to play with Mase outside for his first outdoor snow experience. Poor thing has always had to be indoors during snow either because he's been sick or I was home alone with Mase and Addie. He had a lot of fun, but he wanted to dot the same things he does on nice weather days...ride his trike and push his car. He did however help out with the snowman.

Working on Mr. Snow

Riding his trike in the snow. He got pretty frustrated when the tires would get snow collected on them and he couldn't go forward anymore.

Pushing his car. You can pretty much see him do this anytime he's outside. I don't really get the fascination of pushing an empty car, but he'll do it all day if you let him...up and down the sidewalk...never tiring...never stopping. I guess I should be happy for his perseverance.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Afternoon Fun

Since we have enjoyed such gorgeous weather it's hard to NOT live outside. We spent the morning at the zoo (see below), and after naps we headed back outside. Addie is so content outdoors. She'll lay and roll and play forever. She's also getting very strong. It's so funny to see her start to move around when she's so tiny. She's the littlest one in the church nursery, but boy is she fiesty.

Mason's been getting into some trouble with trying to pick up his sister. He'll also lay on her and roll her over and over and over again. It's kind of hard to explain to him that this is not okay, especially when Addie laughs at him. However, she got her revenge today. Mason came over to lay on her blanket this afternoon and she rolled over to her side and started attacking him. She laughed and laughed. Mason thought it was funny too. He kept saying, "Mama, Addison get me." (sorry the picture is so dark).
I love that they love each other.

Zoo Day

Today was in the 80's (yep, Lynne...we experienced some FL weather). Right after the kids got up we headed to the zoo. This ended up being the most brilliant idea I've had all week because after we were done around noon, we passed all the chaos of cars and people just arriving.

Mason had a great time. Addie, well she just likes the front carrier so she was happy. She actually checked out some of the animals too. It was funny to see her expressions. I really pondered about what her little brain was thinking...

Here's Mason at the 'let's contract some exotic disease' petting zoo. He loved it of course, but we sure did hit up the hand santizer afterward!!!! He was super excited about the goats because my mom bought him a few of the early readers "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?". In one of the books, it says "Mountain Goat, Mountain Goat what do you see?". So when he saw the goat it was only natural that he asked it what he saw. So here's Mason asking the goat...

As a teacher I learned that there is very little I can control. As a parent, that lesson has only been magnified! So, here's me smiling at the camera and my children doing whatever they wanted.
Mason took a little tumbled down a ramp and scraped his knee. His boo-boo was quite the fascination at random moments. So here's Mason showing me his boo-boo for the hundredth time.

Mason with 'his' elephant.

Time to go...
My mom was smart and brought a sucker to lure him away.
He was so tuckered out that we didn't even pull out of the parking lot before he fell asleep. Same with little Addie.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

He Likes Toes...

We had such a great weekend together as a family. It doesn't hurt that it was absolutely beautiful outside. Most of our time was spent outdoors...just the way I like it!

It's hard to believe that little Addie will be 5 months old. Time went by fast with Mason, but it is flying with Addie. It seems like she was just my little teeny weeny yesterday. She's still small, but doing BIG things!

Mason and Addie are still the best of buds and we pray it will stay that way! She's really entertained by him. As soon as she gets a glimpse of her brother she lights up. I love the picture below because of their contrasting hair, but yet they look alike.
Here's my big man rock climbing at the park. He did it all by himself without Steven or me showing him what to do. He is learning things so fast. We have been working on ABC's and counting. Just yesterday he shocked all of us by counting all the way to 16 without making a mistake. I didn't even think he paid attention when we count things...I thought wrong!
Now for the title of the post. Mason is a little interested in toes. It cracks me up because he'll smell toes and then say "shoo-wee" and fan his nose. Quite the little comedian!