Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Babes

Somehow I found myself flipping through pics last night.  How easily I forget that just a few short years ago Little Man, Little Miss, and Chunkey Monkey were just little babes.  Now they're big guys.  I think I may blink and Chubby Cheekers and Mr. Fluffypants will be big guys too.  Say it ain't so.  Say it ain't so.

 {Little Man 11 months}

 {Little Miss 11 months}

{Little Man: 2.5 years, Little Miss and Chunkey Monkey: 9.5 months}

All of these pics seem like 'yesterday'.  I just blinked and they grew.  Slow down Time.  Slow down.

And for comparative purposes, check out my little lions...
2012:  Chubby Cheekers as a lion 

2007:  Little Man as a lion 

I see a tinge of a resemblance.  If someone could explain to me how in the world Steven and I, who are polar opposites in the looks department, could produce children who look so similar.  It's a mystery.

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