Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Mason has been sick on and off for about 3 weeks. First he had some funky virus on his tonsils. Then he got some nasty, nasty diarrhea. Every once in a while Steven and I think we still smell it. Like it's embedded in our nostrils or something. Anyway...as soon as he recovered from 'the runs', he starts running a fever and gets a smoker's cough. Which, by the way, he doesn't smoke. All that to say, I finally took him into the dr. today (yes, I've been in contact with him, but he didn't want to see him until today). It was AWFUL!!! I'm not sure how many of you have had your one year old's chest x-rayed, but let me tell you, the process was nothing short of barbaric torture. He had to sit in this chair where two half cylinders were put securely around his mid section while I was to hold his arms directly over his body. His poor little face just looked at me with tears streaming down. I'm sure he was scared and probably wondering why on Earth would I subject him to such displeasure. Come to find out he does not have fluid in his lungs...PRAISE GOD!

But, the torture was not over yet. The doctor wanted him tested for the flu and/or RSV. By this time, I'm ready to cry. My little baby has been through enough already, and now I see the nurse with this L-O-N-G probe that is for extracting the snot. As I'm looking at the 'snot extractor', I'm wondering why is it so long. For heaven's sake, there are boogers running down his face. Just scoop some of those up and let's call it a day. BUT NO! The nurse pushes the probe so far up his nose, I think she's taking a sample of his brain cells...

Anyway, that was our day at the doctor. Mason does have a strand of the flu, but it's not the bad kind (whatever that means). On a good note, he's doing much better, and as long as he's fever free for 48 hours he's allowed to be around other little ones. So keep little Mase in your prayers. We want our healthy baby boy back.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

This is what happens when you marry a twin...

...you put up with stupid competitions.

This competition consisted of who could hold the other longer, plus Mason.
Congratulations Rene!
He won the twin contest.
Rene the champ...

Steven's second attempt...neither one can stand to lose.
Mason has great role models, right?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bears Game

After waiting 29 years, Rene and Steven finally attended a Bears game. Here are some pics of their adventure...
Time to Pack
Daddy, take me with you!
(of course I would find a way to sneak in a pic of Mase)

Steven grew a beard so his face wouldn't get cold in Chi-Town. He shaved it as soon as he got home...THANK GOODNESS!!!!

" The Seats"

Only S & R would think to take a picture of where their butts were hanging out for 4 hours. I guess they felt personally attached to the inanimate objects.

Their favorite player, Brian Urlacher. Steven swears he was stretching, but I'm not so sure...looks like something else.

Rene and Steven trying to act cool even though they are SO excited to be at Soldier Field.

Steven waiting for the game to start. They got there way early so they could watch the teams warm up. The gross part of them sitting so close to the field was they could smell the players. Any normal person would think this was disgusting, but apparently this was the most exciting part of the game...the SMELL. Steven said it made the experience seem more realistic.
Gotta love him!