Monday, September 22, 2008

The sink is no longer clean...

This is what you get when you undress an almost two year old and then tell them to go get in the bathtub. Somewhere it got lost in translation...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Daddy and Mason Kind of Weekend

Crazy! That's one word to sum up my weekend. Like an idiot, I decided to judge a regional cheerleading competition that was today. To my credit (somewhat), I agreed to do it back in late July not realizing how tired I would be in my last month of pregnancy. Anyway, today was regionals and it was LONG. It wouldn't have been so bad except tomorrow won't be any easier. My house is a mess, I have stacks and stacks of papers to grade, and Lindsay's shower is tomorrow afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited to see all the great things baby Lincoln will be receiving, but I am also very EXHAUSTED! Calgon...take me away...

My only sanity was coming home this evening and seeing my precious boys. Mason has been a little congested this past week with all the weather changes, and also a little fussy. Steven, being the awesome Daddy that he is, made sure he had a great day. They went for a run, played at the park, and built with Lego's. I love seeing the two of them together. Mason has such a great role model to look up to, and he is SO in the Daddy stage right now. I LOVE IT! Anything Steven does, Mason is right behind him...very cute!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

34 Weeks and Eyewear

So this would be me 34 weeks preggo and already ready for Addison to be here. She is dropping lower and lower which makes me feel like she is falling out...major pressure all the time! I'm finally moving to the stage where when I sit on the floor, there better be something nearby to hoist me up. At school if I drop something, which happens frequently, I have about 5 kids jump up to get it (thank goodness for those kids), and I keep knocking them in the back of the head with my stomach as I walk by. They're getting used to it though! Other than that I really do feel great. Steven and I are trying to enjoy the last weeks with just Mason.
Now for Mr. Cool. Steven and I were installing Addison's car seat and trying to figure out which kid was going on what side of the car...amazingly, it took a lot of thought. During the process, we found Mason's sunglasses that have been missing since...hmmm....the day we bought them in May! Most of the day today he's had them on his face. I cracked up when I told him to smile for the camera because this is the face I got. He must really think he's cool!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beaver and His Buds

Mr. Beaver eating his apple at Ms. Melinda's house.
(I call him 'beaver' because he gnaws all the way around it.)
His Buds...
This is the small gang of kids at Ms. Melinda's. Mason loves playing with them. On this particular day he found his way to the bathroom and climbed in the tub to get a toy. All the others decided to climb in too. I'm so proud that my son has become the leader, but hopefully next time it will be to somewhere else...
Little side note, the little girl in the background that Mason is looking at is his girlfriend. He is quite fond of hugging and kissing her. If you ask him if he gives Graci kisses, he smiles and says, "NO", but don't let him fool you, HE DOES! Steven and I have accepted it though...she comes from good parents that we have known for a very long time. It's actually kind of cute. We can't leave Ms. Melinda's until they've had their chance to hug and kiss good-bye.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good News from the Dr.

Our 33 week appointment was this past week. Addison is still growing as scheduled. She's head down...very down that we couldn't get a picture of her face :( It's hard to believe that we're creeping so close to the end. With this pregnancy Steven and I are very ready for her to be born. With Mason we were nervous to see what it would be like to actually 'have' a baby and then bring one home. With Addison, we are ready for her to be born so we can get on with the family stuff!

Dr. Nilson was really happy with all of my blood sugars. As long as I continue to follow the diet, I don't have to take them anymore. YEAH for not having to make myself bleed!!!

Right now we are trying to get the last minute items for baby. We decided not to have a shower this go around since our children are so close in age. However, we have been so blessed. We've purchased very little clothing, because we have had so much given to us. We got her a new car seat today that is a lot newer than what we used for Mason. So...just a little more left to buy and we'll be ready for this little bundle of joy!