Sunday, June 29, 2008

Working at the Car Wash

Despite all the hard work you see here, we had a very enjoyable weekend as a family. This was the first weekend in about two weeks that we have all been together. So today, we had our usual Sunday breakfast, then we loaded up to go to the park. We first took a walk and Mason pointed out all the birdies, squirrels, and trees. After our walk, we crossed the street to go to the play area. He had a blast going down the slides and climbing up and down all the steps. After about an hour of playing we headed home for naptime. Little man was TIRED!

Once Mason woke up we had lunch outside and Mason helped Daddy wash both of the cars. He thinks he's so big now and wants to help with whatever task Steven and I are doing. It's quite cute. Here are some of the car wash photos. Steven and Mason are thinking of opening their own detail business so watch out!

Supervising to make sure Daddy does it to his standards.
Spot cleaning the truck bed.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hunters and Gatherers

In early Native American history there were the hunters and the gatherers. As I watched Mason and Kate play this morning I couldn't help but think they would have done very well during the early 1500's. Neither one was interested in playing with the toys I had brought outside for them. They both took to finding sticks to use as weapons and when their hunt for tree ants was finished, they starting their gathering of various objects. Eventually the Native Americans who didn't adapt to change and/or farming died out. Let's just be thankful there was a kitchen withing 100 feet of their whole adventure. PB &J's were only a cry away.

The hunt begins...
(Good thing the pack dog was within calling distance. It looks like they've gathered a lot)
Making sure they don't miss anything...
Can I have that PB&J now?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Lovin'

One of my favorite parts of summer is going to the pool. It's just relaxing, even if you have 2 kids with you. Kate is a regular fish in the water, but Mason spends most of his time outside the pool. He likes to 'explore' the gated area. He'll get in every once in a while, but he has to do it on his own. Little man doesn't need any help from his Mommy, and he makes that known with his new found word, "NO!"

Mason and Kate playing with water bottles even though they are 2 feet from water. Go figure!
Mason enjoying the action pool side.
Another little girl brought this and Mason loved it. He insisted that everyone kiss the duck.
Mason making Grammy kiss the duck.

Yet another floatie that is not ours. He never wants to play with the toys I bring!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Naked Painting

When I was uploading a few of our Branson pics, I came across these. They were taken about a month ago and I guess I never transferred them to the laptop. I had just given Mason a bath, and he was running around naked. Meanwhile, Steven was in Addison's room taping it off so we could put a fresh coat of paint on her walls. When Mason found all the paint supplies he was completely fascinated and decided he wanted to paint...NAKED. I had to be careful what shots to put on here because there were some revealing pics, but (no pun intended) there were a few acceptable ones. What can I say, he likes to be free.

Leaving Mason for the First Time

Mason is almost 20 months old and I have never spent a night away from him. Steven has gone out of town here and there for work and family things, but I either go with him with Mason in tow or stay home. So for our first getaway, we both wanted somewhere within driving distance from my mom's in case he was having a come apart (which he never did...apparently, he was a party animal). Anyway, we decided on Branson because it had some great outlets and I wanted to get Addison some girly things. To our surprise there weren't that many gray-hairs there. I had in my head that Branson was filled with retirees, but I was so wrong. There was plenty for us to do and we absolutely loved the resort we stayed at. It was very relaxing and fun to just spend time with each other without interruption. We even played a little miniature golf. You can tell by the pictures who won...

Ha, ha...Steven lost by 6 strokes despite all the smack he was talking the first 6 holes.

Me with my winning scorecard, and I'm 7 months preggo!
Steven even relaxed at the pool with me. Normally he's too ansy, but come to find out if you give him a magazine and an iPod he'll sit forever. Don't worry, I'll spare you the swimsuit pic of me!
Me with Addison at 7 months
Steven was such a trooper. He shopped all day with me. I secretly think he enjoyed buying all the little girl items.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Even More Words..

Here are a few more words Mason has learned for the week...

lights, birdie, belly-button, more, bubble bath, bath, bye-bye, hi, and my all time favorite...NO!

Some of these he's been saying for a while, but only Steven and I could understand what he was saying so I didn't count them as real words yet. Stay tuned for the words he'll say next week.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Words Mason has Learned this Week

I've always believed that Mason is an observer. He will watch you like a hawk. He's also a little late bloomer as far as crawling, walking, and speaking real words. However, once he starts he's got it mastered. So I've come to the conclusion that Mason is just like Steven and me. Neither one of us wants to do anything unless we know we will master it within a short amount of time. So that brings us to all the new words he has spoken this week. He's always been a jabberer and will use inflection like you wouldn't believe, but he's just now using real words to communicate. Here are the one's he's razzled and dazzled us with...

1. Eyes
2. Uh-oh
3. Pee pee
4. Oh no
5. What's this/that?
6. All done
7. Night night

I'm sure most kids his age have been saying these for a while, but I'm convinced Mason didn't want to say them until he was sure he was going to get it perfect, and by golly he has!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well I was so proud of myself to get two kids in their swim diapers, swimsuits, sunscreen on, and bag packed...but of course I forgot the camera. UGH! I wish I would have remembered it because Mason and Kate had so much fun. Kate was a natural at climbing in and out of the baby pool by herself. Mason had not learned to do that yet until today. He stuck with it for about 30 minutes before he got the hang of how to place his hands and feet to get out of the pool. Then he'd watch Kate to see how she maneuvered in...then WHAM! He gets it. So the last hour we were there that's all they did, climb in and out, in and out. I bet both kids sleep well tonight, and I will too!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Two Unrelated Topics

Number 1:
I have finally reached the halfway mark with Addie. Yes, I am 20 weeks and have already gained...well, too much weight. I think I'm on the +40 plan like I did with Mason. It couldn't be those chocolate chip cookies before bed, right? That just means I'm going to have to run, run, run after she's born...YUCK! Anyway, so far the pregnancy has been great and flying by. I'm sure Addison will be here before we know it.

Number 2:
I have not truly fixed my hair since school's been out. Poor Steven had to look at my hair in a pony tail for two straight weeks. I'm sure he was wondering where the wife he married went. So needless to say, it was time to chop off the hair. I really love it because it's easy to manage. Please take into account that this pic was taken at the end of a hectic day complete with a two year old, Mason, hour and half phone conversation with health insurance, and a mishap with charcoal. Sounds interesting, right? No need to get into that or my blood pressure will start rising again.

Tomorrow should be much more relaxing. Mason, Kate, and I are headed to the pool. I'll try to remember my camera...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mason and Kate

When I first returned back to work after maternity leave, we were so blessed to have a friend of ours watch Mason. Now she has returned back to work and I'm watching her daughter for the summer. She is a little over two and such a tiny, sweet thing. For the most part, the kids really had fun together, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the first picture. Mason was upset because he couldn't drink from the princess cup! Sure wish Steven could have seen him crying over that! A minute before I got the camera though, they were laughing and playing. It was so much fun to watch.
Well, gotta go...I've got an important phone call.
Hat Time! Mason and Kate put these on and they laughed hysterically at each other.