Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We Are Excited to Announce...

We're having TWINS!  Oh my gosh.  I've always wanted to say that.  Too bad it's not true.  There's just one little girl growing in there, but I got you, huh???

I do have an exciting announcement though!

After 11 years of serving and growing at Church on the Move, we are going through some BIG changes.  Changes that launch THIS weekend.

For years, COTM has reached hundreds of people, but what I love about our church is the constant motion of moving forward to serve more and meet the needs of people.  After years of researching, Church on the Move is launching SECTIONS!!!

Basically, Sections is focusing on joining a small section in the large church to form closer relationships so we can create community through serving.  Think of it as creating a bunch of smaller churches within a big church.

Here's the breakdown of the sections...


You see that Section, 2B???  Well...that's US!!!  Steven and I are so excited to announce that we will be leading this section.  I want to personally invite you to be apart of our Section.  We are Saturday nighters at 6:00pm.  We'll be there right when the doors open to meet and get to know you as well as after service.  If Church on the Move has always been a place you love to learn at, but it just felt too big, too much, this is your chance to get personal.  Even if our Section isn't a fit for you, we will help you find the Section that feels like home to you.  For the last few weeks, we have been meeting with all the Section leaders and we are a wide variety of people.  It's awesome!!!

I don't want to forget to mention, Steven and I will be passing out Bio Cards with us on it.  At the very least you are welcome to come and get some giggles at us on a card.  I know it will crack me up!  What's not going to crack me up is seeing all the changed lives.  The people who need connections, need community, and watching them flourish into serving others.  That's the true gift right there.  We all need that whether we think we do or not.  It's an exciting time for COTM and I would like nothing more than for you to be apart of it with us.

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