Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Monday

I have the flu.  Yep.  Totally stinks.  I have found that I don't do idle very well.  However, I get up to do something and suddenly that something turns into the most taxing workout I've ever done in my life.  It is so crazy.  I feel like I have a simple head cold with a worn out body. Not the flu.  Annoying.

Since we have covered the bases of how I feel about this flu thing, I think I shall be positive.  Our family, as a whole, will be whole and healthy.  No more sickness for us.  Sooo, if you're sick.  We love you, but stay home.

Now for the menu...

Monday-BBQ Chicken Quesadillas, Corn Saute
Tuesday-Baked Chicken, Sweet Potato Slices, Salad
Wednesday-Marlboro Man's 2nd Favorite Sandwich, Crispy Potato Bites
Thursday-Man Pleasing Chicken, Peas, Cheesy Biscuits
Friday-Chicken Tacos and Pineapple Salsa with Tortilla Chips
Saturday-Club Roll Ups and Fresh Veggies and Fruits
Sunday-Dinner at my FIL's!!!


Alice said...

That's exactly how I felt when I had it a couple years ago. I couldn't believe it was the flu.

Alice said...

How do you budget meat into your grocery money?

amanda torres said...

That's a hard one because meat keeps getting more and more expensive. In the past few months I've had to wean us back on less meat. For example, we used to use 4 boneless chicken breasts at a meal. Now I use 3, and bulk up the sides. That helps quite a bit. Then I buy meat when it's on sale. Last week Aldi had a 10 lb bag of chicken quarters on sale for $6.99. Instead of the usual chicken breasts I buy, I bought those. It gave us 4 meals of meat.

Anyway I look at it, it's still cheaper than eating out. Don't get discouraged! Just keep trying!