Monday, August 26, 2013

Menu Monday

Life has been a little difficult as of late. We experienced a loss in our extended family of someone who was very near to all of us. I just needed a little break from busyness to focus on a little healing and family. Healing will take a long while, but we are working towards a new normal and give thanks for salvation and the opportunity to be with our Maker.

Our menu for this week may look non-detoxy. Our curveball in life left us with a some choices. Eating healthy is so very important, but some specialty items from specialty stores didn't get purchased, and poor planning on my part while we were out of town left us in a state of toxing.  Yep, you read that right...toxing...not detoxing.

At times I feel as a bit of a failure, them other times I remind myself of what we heard at my church service.  The progress is in the process.  So true. We still have remained true to our morning shakes, limit our dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, and caffeine intake, but we have not done such a great job of following the program to a 'T'. Because of our choices, we have missed out on the benefits of increased energy and better sleep.  It's kind of disappointing, but I am thankful for the knowledge of what needs to be done once life resumes to a bit more normalcy.

Without further ramblings, here is our menu...

Monday: Turkey Chili, Cornbread, Salad
Tuesday:  Grilled Tilapia, Seasoned Broccoli, and Sweet Potato
Wednesday: Baked Chicken, Green Beans, Salad
Thursday: Broccoli Rice Chicken Cassrole, Biscuits
Friday: Kids' Reward Celebration for Marble Earnings
Saturday: Sandwiches and Soup
Sunday: A Visit to Grandma's

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Wee Little Break

This week has brought some unexpected surprises that has my attention elsewhere. I love this outlet of expression, but this week it's time for a little break.  If you are searching for recipes pertaining to the detox, please check the April archives and you will find some to choose from. See you next week!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

13.1 One and Done?

The day came. The day I swore would never come. I ran for distance. It's amazing what you are willing to do for friends. I really dislike long runs. Knowing how I feel about them, it guilted me into offering to train with a gal pal on her marathon runs. I didn't want her to suffer through long runs. Last Saturday was the dreaded 13.1 miles.

I will not lie. The run frightened me. I woke up thinking, "Maybe I'll pretend to have diarrhea." I didn't though. I got up at 5:30 on a Sunday morning, got dressed, hydrated, ate, put my shoes on, and got in Erica's van.

We decided to run a long stretch of a nearby town and a new friend was joining us.  That was the biggest blessing of all. Sarah, our new friend, is also running the Chicago Marathon and in the middle of her training. It was so nice to have new scenery and a new person to get to know while we were running. In a lot of ways she lives a very similar life in regards to her business (Arbonne), her faith, her children, and her upbringing. It was wonderful to compare notes and learn from someone who shares the same goals.

On the other hand, Sarah leads a very different life than most.  Where most of our husbands' have jobs that allow us to live in one specific area, she lives in 3 places in one year's time. She also meets many different people who have varying backgrounds. Hearing her routines and heart towards the people she meets in the different locations is inspiring.  It really made me evaluate how I live my life and whether I truly affect those around me in a positive manner.

As I was thinking about this and we were rounding out mile 5, I looked over and saw a lady with a sign. It was my MOM!  Erica had coordinated my mom and family to be there to cheer me on like I were in a real race.  So incredibly thoughtful!  As we took a little stretch and potty break, I felt so blessed.

It was a nice surprise that blocked out what I was truly doing.  After hugs and encouragement, we hit the remaining 8 miles. There was a time my body, mainly my knee, wanted to shut down, but I pressed on and engaged in some serious mental toughness.

When I was finished, I felt amazing. My original plan was to run 13.1 miles with Erica and then coordinate others to run with her. Now that I know I can overcome my own negative thoughts, I plan on completing the training with her. Yes, I just said that. Yikes! That just became real!

So I guess I'm not a one and done girl. From now one every weekend until October 11th, I will run half marathons and beyond. Now who's crazy???

Monday, August 12, 2013

Menu Monday...On Tuesday

It's Tuesday and I'm just now posting my menu for Monday.  I know.  I know.  BUT, I have a really, really good excuse.  I accomplished a goal I didn't even know I had on Sunday morning.


I'll share more about that tomorrow, but for now I just needed to get it off my chest.  I could for real put a sticker on my car if I wanted to.  It was a challenging experience, but also very rewarding.  

Today, I'll share what we are eating this week.  I mentioned last week that this detox looks so different than my last detox.  First off, I had some pie Friday night at our schools P.I.E. meeting.  It was delicious, but not the best choice.  Then after running 13.1 miles, I was starving and dying for something salty.  I had a bacon, egg, and cheese on ciabatta bread.  Yeah, nothing detox friendly about that.  And now for the walk of shame...I also had half of a cinnamon roll after that.  Hanging head now.  I'm pretty sure Erica has a picture of me taking a gigantic bite of that breakfast sandwich.

You know what?  In the grand scheme of things, I am making way better choices now than what I was 5 months ago.  I know what needs to be done and I do have the will power to do it.  Knowledge and will power together make for a great combination.  That's what I love about Arbonne.  You get a specific plan to follow.  That's the knowledge part.  The will power comes from the results that spring up so quickly from following that plan.  

And now, for the detox menu...

Monday-Chicken Pasta (*new...recipe to be posted), Green Beans, Mixed Greens Salad
Tuesday-Taco Salad with Roasted Chickpeas, Berry Salad
Wednesday-French Lentil Soup
Thursday-Grilled Shrimp Kabobs and Spinach Berry Salad
Friday-Seasoned Broiled Tilapia, Steamed Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes
Sunday-Almond Buttered Rice Cakes with Strawberries, Fresh Cut Veggies, and Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Time To Shop~Rhea Lana Here I Come

I remember the days when we had Little Man.  Our family bombarded us with the most adorable clothes ever.  Toys were busting out of closets and in every major walkway.  It was ridiculous.  As the years progressed and more kids were added to the Torres family, the gifts became more and more spread out.  We were forced to..wait for's hard to share...we were forced


Whew!  I said it.  That was hard to admit, but the truth sets you free.  As Steven and I began shopping for Little Man and our newest addition, Little Miss, we were shocked at the prices of baby and toddler clothes. What the what?  $20 for baby and toddler jeans?  I hate spending $20 on my own jeans, let alone for a child who will wear this for less than one season.

That's when I began bargain shopping for my kids' clothes.  Consignment sales just make sense.  Unfortunately, finding a sale that wasn't in a gigantic warehouse was hard to find in my area.  Then floating out of the sky like an angel, Rhea Lana of South Tulsa arrived!  For 6 seasons, I have been taking my kids' older clothes to Rhea Lana of South Tulsa, then using the money I make and buying their 'new' clothes.  Since kids grow so fast, it just makes sense.  

Last sale I purchased the kids' spring and summer clothes for under $30.  On my consignment check I made $120 (I didn't have too much last season).  I equate that to shopping for free.  That is the power of consignment shopping.

This year is the first time I am searching for a baby equipment item!  I am in serious need of a side-by-side double stroller for the babies.  Nothing bulky.  More umbrella, folds up easy, and pushes well stroller.  So if you shop and see one, walk on by people.  I repeat, walk on by.  It is MINE!  All mine.  You think I'm kidding? ;)

So, mark your calendars ladies and gents.  The Rhea Lana of South Tulsa Sale begins SUNDAY, AUGUST 10th and runs through the 17th.  For best options, get your hands on an Early Shopper Pass.  If you get your hands on one of those babies, then you get to shop on SATURDAY!  What, what??? The easiest way to go about that is to get pregnant...or be pregnant). 

OR, the absolute best way is to show up like you are 'VIP in the HOUSE' at 7:00pm on Saturday and say, "YO! Torres Tidbits sent me," in your best Italian mobster impression. If you don't say, "YO!" you will have not one chance of getting in.  The bouncers will get you...OR...maybe I just stretching the truth a little bit.  Maybe you can just say, "Torres Tidbits sent me." But without the accent that wouldn't be any fun now, would it?!?

So, Torres Tidbiters, get yourself to the sale a day early and let them know I sent ya' for a chance to get the best deals before the sale opens to the public on Sunday, August 11th!  Just a little love for all those bloggy people out there. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer's Fading

We spent a long time at the pool yesterday.  I watched and scored jumps into the pool.  I dunked the kids over and over playing the color game.  One too many feet kicked me right in the booty as they swam through my legs trying not to touch me.  All in all it was fun, but I realized our summer days are coming to a close. Boo!

Having 5 kids, and basically two sets of twins, makes the days seem long, but the weeks fly by.  It's amazing how just yesterday we were excited about kicking off summer with swim lessons and now we are purchasing school supplies and checking off the last items from our Summer Bucket pun intended below...

I love summer.  I love the freedom we have of wearing our pjs as long as we want, watching cartoons as long as we want.  Naps?  Nah, let's do those later.  Right now we're jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler.  It's been fun.  We have a little over a week left, and we plan on using it wisely.  I hope as our kids grow up they always look forward to summer and our time together as a family.  I hope they have more memories of fun and joy, rather than stress and rushing around.

That's what being a kid is all about.  Spending the day playing old games and being introduced to new activities.  Sure, it can be stressful having them all at home all day long, but I do cherish this stage of life we are in right now.  I hope I always see the good in our days together.  They are numbered.  I must make the most of them.  Sooner than later these kids will be grown and gone and I'll only have the memories of our short time together.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why Arbonne?

Really?  You're going to talk about Arbonne?  Again?  Yes.  Yes, I am.

Over the last 5 months I have become so passionate about what Arbonne has done for my family, but the passion deepens when I hear the testimonies of over 100 women and men.  What it equates to...LIFE CHANGE.  Whether it's from a person who completed the detox or someone who stepped into my business family. I am lucky to ride this journey with them.

When I quit my job as a teacher 5 years ago, I had fears.  Fears that I wouldn't have an identity anymore.  Fears that my connection to my friends would lessen.  Fears that I wouldn't be serving anymore.  Funny, how

I look back on my journey now and those fears I had were ridiculous.  On a daily basis I stay in contact with my own children in nephews.  I impact their lives and I have the identity of Mom.  Outside of my relationship with God and my husband, that is my most cherished identity.

I look at my connection to friends and the ability to serve others.  I have gained so many wonderful new friends through Arbonne.  Reconnecting with those I used to be close with and meeting friends of friends that are now in my contact list.  People I would have never ever met.  People that I pray for and pray for me.  I look for times to serve them and I know they do the same for me.

So I ask you, "Why not Arbonne?"  Network marketing has such a bad name.  I had a bad taste in my mouth about it because I was uninformed and only introduced to others who were looking to get rich quick.  Network Marketing can allow you move up faster than others is a corporate world, but more importantly you succeed by serving others.  To be great, you must serve many.  I am so thankful for this opportunity that has not only opened doors for my family, but has opened doors for others.  If you are looking for a change, a real life change, I will take you by the hand and show you how to accomplish your dreams.  At the very least, I'll help you improve your skin and health.  After all, that's my own goal for myself.

Speaking of skin...Arbonne just unveiled their newest product.

What it Does

  • Genius works in conjunction with your favorite Arbonne skincare routine
  • Improves the overall look and feel of skin texture to restore a healthy, radiant glow
  • Helps reduce the look of dark spots
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provides the appearance of smooth, even-toned skin texture
  • Shows significant improvement in skin clarity and blotchiness

The Promise

In just 2 weeks, 100% of study participants who used Genius showed an improvement in the appearance of skin moisture, firmness and elasticity.*
* Based on a clinical instrumental study of 50 subjects.

Here's the greatest news ever.  For this month I earned the opportunity to sell it for 35% off before it's available to the public.  I worked hard so I would have the opportunity for you to try it before anyone else!  If you struggle with uneven skin tone, dark spots, texture, fine lines and wrinkles, and blotchiness, this is a great answer without a harsh perscription.  Arbonne stands on its promises of PURE, SAFE, and BENEFICIAL.  This new product is no different!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Menu Monday

It's the first full week of my detox.  Steven and I began August 1st for our second go 'round.  The kids are on a modified version.  So far, I've been pretty stinky at this detox.  Just keeping it real for you.  Pretending isn't in my nature.  One thing I want you to know is this isn't an all or nothing process.  It's a time for me to focus on making better lifelong choices.

The biggest difference on this detox in comparison to April's detox is I am training for a marathon with my friend.  No, I'm not running a marathon.  I just agreed to train with her.  If you ever had doubts on my sanity, you can be assured that my elevator does not go all the way to the top.  Who in their right mind would agree to train and never run the race?  Yep, that's me.  I've never really been a race person.  I'm more into challenging myself, and marathon training is challenging.  Just this last week I logged 22 miles.  A 7 miler, 3 mile interval run (brutal), and my longest distance yet...12 miles.

I digress.

Detox and marathon's a hard balance.  On one hand I know how amazing eating clean feels for me.  On the other hand the amount of carbohydrates I need to replenish after long runs is a LOT.  So during and after the 12 mile run, I found myself with a granola bar and 3 cookies to fuel while running, and then a protein shake afterward.  Crazy, I know.  However, I would do it again.  The immediate jolt from the sugar and the carbs to finish the remaining 4 miles worked well...for me.  The rest of the day, I ate detox friendly...just a lot more than usual.  I could not get enough to eat.  Hungry girl right here.

This coming weekend I will run my first ever half marathon.  Not in a race, but a training run.  I'm excited and nervous to cross off a big life goal.

Enough about me.  Time to get to the detox menu...

Monday-Lemon Herbed Grilled Drumsticks, Butternut Squash, Steamed Broccoli
Tuesday-Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa, Brown Rice, Grilled Peppers and Onions
Wednesday-Fajitas in Lettuce Wraps, Salad, Brown Rice Chips and Homemade Salsa
Thursday-Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwiches(omit greek yogurt and mayo...add another avocado), Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans
Friday-Date Night @ Genghis Grill
Saturday- Dinner with Family
Sunday-Dinner with Family