Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Part I

Lucky us we got to have 2 Thanksgivings! Steven's mom moved back to OK about 2 months ago and we wanted to make sure she had a good Thanksgiving now that she is back. I decided I would cook a mini-Thanksgiving lunch. Well, it actually turned out to be a full-blown meal. I do have to say, I did well for the first feast. However, Steven and his mom did the turkey...I just prepared all the sides.

After we cleaned up we headed over to Big Rene's to celebrate Thanksgiving there. Things always get interesting over there. You know how families get around the holidays. At first everyone is hugging and so glad to see one another, and then as the day goes on people start to get on your nerves. Come on, admit happens. Below is our 'journey' through Thanksgiving.

2 Generations of Cousins
(1st generation=Rene, Lisa, and Steven)
(2nd generation=Lincoln and Addie)
Don't they look happy!
Steven's cousin Serena loving on Addison.
So Sweet!
Addie and Lincoln enjoying their version of turkey.
Viewer Discretion Advised
As I mentioned before, as the evening went on things started getting interesting. I hestitated to even post this part because most people don't know about this side of our family.
It all started when Steven's dad had a little trouble digesting the food. Here Steven is helping him try to make it to the bathroom to get cleaned up. While Steven was off helping his dad Lindsay started making comments about how I parent. You can see how well I handled the situation...

Lindsay wasn't about to be slapped across the face without retaliation. I'm telling you it got really nasty, but this isn't even the worst part.

The boys saw us getting into it and started arguing...which led to some pretty heavy blows.

Unfortunately, Steven's cousins (Serena and Lisa) started fighting too. Their mother, Lily had to get invovled! YIKES!

In the end, everyone made up, but boy it sure did get nasty for a while. You just never know what to expect when the Torres family gets together. I'm just glad we took our Christmas picture together before we went over there. Two shiners don't really say "Merry Christmas" very well.

Okay, okay, this is all made up. In all sincerity we had a great time with our family. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love us dearly. Hopefully you enjoyed your day as well.
Stay tuned for our Thanksgiving Part II...tomorrow we head to Springfield to see my Dad and then to my Grandparents to celebrate with my side of the family.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod

I absolutely love this picture...such a classic! They are two peas in a pod when it comes to sleeping!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taking the Time

Yesterday I was running late (I'm still getting used to the 2 kids thing), and was taking Mason to Steven's work. I was so irritated when I turned on Main St. only to see a train passing by....ARG...this was going to hold me up even longer. Out loud I sighed, "Oh great a train!". As I said it I looked in the rear view mirror to check on the kids. When Mason heard me say train, he immediately lit up and starting "choo-chooing". It really reminded me that even though this was a complete inconvenience to me, it was such a fascination to someone else. In the long run, it doesn't matter if I'm five minutes late somewhere. Instead I should just take the time to see things how someone else might. That train just made Mason's day. When he went to bed that night you could hear him in his bed..."choo-choo". Next time I think I'll take the time to enjoy my surroundings instead of becoming frustrated and rushed.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mason Turned TWO!

Mason turned two on November 6, 2008. I can honestly say that I cannot believe my baby boy is TWO! He is getting so big so fast. On his actual birthday my dad and his wife came over and brounght Mason a really cool train set and a magnetic doodle board. He loves them both! Then we went to my mom's for dinner. Mason really enjoyed blowing out his candles as you can see...

This year for his party we decided to have only family for two reasons...1. Mason freaked at all the people at his 1st birthday party and 2. We have 2 new babies in the family. Anyway, below are some pictures of Mason actually enjoying his 2nd birthday party. Funny how his 1st party, I spent tons of money and time planning the perfect party and all he did was cry. This year, very little preparation and little money spent and he has a blast...lesson learned!

Mason and his 2nd cousin Xavier. I laugh at this picture because they don't even looked related.
Mason checking out his new adjustable waisted jeans.

One of his presents from mommy and daddy. He LOVED the tricycle. He wouldn't get off of it to blow out his candle so Steven had to pick him up with him sitting on the tricycle just so we could get the cake part over and serve it to our guests.

Yummy cake that stained his face.
I told you he loves it. After bathtime he went straight to it and did some naked riding. I'm pretty sure this is what we'll be doing all day tomorrow. At least until he discovers the t-ball set...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lincoln and Addison

Rene and Lindsay brought Lincoln over last night. He's still way bigger than Addison. Today Lincoln turns 1 week and Addison turns 3 weeks. We are so grateful to have such healthy babies, and can't wait to see how they get along in the future.

Mason was quite funny with the babies last night. He couldn't decide which baby to kiss first. He did however give each baby equal amounts of kisses. If Linc got one, so did Addie. I'm wondering when all the 'love' will fade, but I'm so enjoying it right now.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

You know your child is spoiled when they have two costumes to choose from. Since it was so stinkin' hot outside, we put him in the Scooby-Doo costume. However, someone refused to wear the hat part that actually made him look like a dog...OH WELL! Not a battle I was ready to fight.
The costume I loved...he looked so cute as a chicken.
The pictures below are from Trunk or Treat at my mom's church. They had all kinds of games and activities for kids to do. It was perfect for kids his age. We had a great time, and Mason was not shy about choosing candy. I thought it was funny because how he knew that he was getting candy, I'll never figure out. They ONLY time he has ever received candy in his short little life was from the haircut place, and that's a sucker (it's the only way to get him to sit still)! At one point he reached his little hand into his pumpkin and was gnawing on a crunch bar with the wrapper still on. I guess he thought he'd eat it before mom took it away! Poor guy.

Besides candy they also had popcorn. It was a BIG hit with the little man.

Not that I'm bragging (okay, I am), but Mason was the only little kid who was able to make the ball go into a ring. Not only did he make it in, he got it in the next to the last one. He must get his athletic ability from his mommy!

Picking out his own candy!

Grammy B. helping him fish for a prize.

As you can see Mason had so much fun he didn't want to leave. I'm sure one of these days this pic will be priceless to me, but right now we see this face way too much!
In true newborn fashion, Addison slept through the whole entire event!