Tuesday, June 30, 2009


One thing that is the absolute best about summer is swimming. There is nothing like spending a hot, sweaty day in a pool. It's been a lot of fun to see all the stages that Mason has gone through over the years with the water. When he was 6 months old, we took him to a baby swim class and to the pool all the time. Last year, we didn't do swim classes but, we hit the pool. So this year he asks to go "swiiiiimming" all the time (he drags out the 'i' sound)! This year he got brave enough to attempt the diving board. He did well. You can see how unsure he is at first, but after about the 10th time, he had it down.

I love his fingers in this next pic.
He was really reaching just in case Daddy was going to let him slip through.Just relaxing...
Addie also enjoys swimming, but gets very tuckered out.
She's taking a little snooze on her Papi's (Steven's dad) shoulder.
It's his only granddaughter and he soaked up every minute of it!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Both of the kids got to investigate new things. After dinner, I gave Addie some finger foods. She picks them up easily, but has yet to land one in her mouth. Which is ironic because babies put everything in their mouths...
Mason also took advantage of some 'free time' while I was cooking dinner. He found his way into my purse. When I realized the eerie sound of silence I went looking. I found this...
Kids make life interesting!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is a Stick-up!

These past few weeks have been B-U-S-Y! Not only have I had my two monkeys, but add another 7 month old and a two year old into the mix and you've got sheer craziness. While I was busy changing the babies diapers, I found Mase and his friend playing guns with...
...not something Steven was too stoked about, but I found it down right hilarious! After he was done shooting his buddy, Logan, he proceeded to show him what you really do with them (If you're not sure what's in the above picture just move on...not explaining).


Since Linc's mommy is still away on training, he's stayed the night with a us a few nights. It still amazes me to see their size differences. Addie is two weeks older, yet Linc is SOOOO much larger. Here they are enjoying their first bath together. Can't wait to bust this picture out during the dating years!

Addie must have been tired of the outward exploring because she is now exploring the world of up...
This girl cannot be contained. She learns things so fast! I'm really hoping she stays on all four a little while longer. I am not ready for her to be walking.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Luggage. One word to describe my trek to work every morning. Steven thought it would be suiting to capture what I drag to school every day...teacher bag, lunch sack, and breastpump. But, that's not it! Add an infant carseat, backpack, and a two year old. That would be me scurrying out the door on most mornings. Yep, luggage. Lots and lots of luggage.

Well, those days are gone. I have now entered the realm of a stay at home mom. Full-time. Not just summers or breaks, but all day every day until the kids are in school. It's something I've always had in the back of my mind since Mason was born, but finally took the leap of faith to do it. I did have a little breakdown at school once everything was taken down, boxed up, and moved out. That's been my life for 7 years. In a way, a huge part of my identity. I took pride in being a teacher. Changing the world one kid at a time. Making an impact. Giving hope and a future. But, my time has come to move on to my own children. I'm excited for this next chapter of my life. I can't wait for the art projects, the library, the pajama days in winter, swimsuits all day in the summer...I'm ready for it all!

My sweet Addie enjoying first real summer day!
Mason washing his trike. After the rinse off, he then got the shammy to dry it. I think he's got the cleanest trike on the block. Now if we could only get him some 20's...

A little update on Mason. It's no secret I've wanted Mason potty trained for quite a while. He was doing okay with sporatic peepees in the potty. However, that's not cutting it for me. So, we went straight to undies. No more diapers. Except for naptime (I'm not that crazy). I thought it would be a disaster today, but he surprised me by keeping his undies dry all day. I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be tossing some undies if the poo-poos get in there. I am NOT, repeat NOT, going to scrape dung out of undies. To the trash they will go!
Not too much on Addie except she is crawling...everywhere. If she wants you she will cry and crawl until she finds you. She's a persistent little booger.