Saturday, February 28, 2009

Addie Update

We had Addie's echogram this week and the results came back normal. She did so well during the testing. I didn't realize that she would have to lay still the entire test which lasted 20 minutes. I thought we'd be there all day in order for the technician to look over all the chambers of her heart. However, Addie just laid there watching the monitor. We were in and out. I was so proud of my little lady.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Catching Up

Overwhelmed...tired...not enough hours in the day...

Those are just a few reasons why we haven't blogged lately. Since Addie just turned 4 months last weekend, I figured I'd better post something or my favorite Puerto Ricans (love you all) might start calling!

Addie is a whopping 11 lbs 10 oz. She hasn't even doubled her birth weight yet. I asked the dr. if we should be concerned with her size (she is tiny). He asked if I had met her mother. So I guess Addison gets the skinny part from me (or at least she did before I had 2 kids). He did however detect a heart murmur. We go to the hospital on Tuesday to have an ecogram (???) on her heart. We aren't concerned. My ob/gyn did an ultrasound every appointment. If she had a hole in her heart, he would have caught it early on. We believe this is something she will grow out of very soon, as most babies do.

Now on to her accomplishments. She is a master raspberry blower. She is a major ham. When she's ready for you to come get her from her crib, she'll cry. However, when she sees you she smiles this gigantic smile. PRECIOUS. She's also rolling over a lot. Makes it pretty hard to keep her on a blanket while she's playing.

Mason is doing quite well. We're taking a break from potty training. He'll go on the potty, but it's getting him to tell you he has to go that's the problem. At this point, he may not make it to kindergarten because he'll probably still poop in his pants. Seriously, the kid can have a gigantic load in his diaper and not even skip a beat. He doesn't care. He would rather play.
I'm thinking of sending him to a potty training boot camp!

Below is one of my favorite pictures of Mason and Steven. They look more and more alike everyday. I love it!
Addie at 4 months.
Even though she is tiny, she's stil grown so much!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, I have now entered a whole new realm of 'motherhood'. Today I experience the inevitable...I was puked on. Mase woke up this morning a little whiny, so I picked him up and that's all it took...projectile...on my clothes...already dressed for work...did I mention we had fried chicken for dinner? I know, disgusting.

Since Mase had the case of the vomits, he stayed home with Daddy. He's doing better. He had some toast for dinner (which never came back up), and loves the Gatorade! One thing about my Little Man though is he never acts sick. Prime example, he was playing with his trucks, puked, said "ew", and then back to playing.

I went ahead and took Addie to the sitter today because Mason can't keep his hands off of her. You should have seen him when I brought her home. He went straight for her to give her a kiss. Sad. He didn't understand why he couldn't. I've already told sister to get ready for the day he feels better. All of those kisses he's having to hold back are just going to build up to one big 'love fest'.

In hindsight, I should have taken Steven to the sitter because he now has the same as Mason. I tell ya people, it is not easy taking care of a sick little boy, a newborn, and a sick husband. I'll be looking for my Wife/Mommy of the Year Award once this passes.

In other news, Addie now rolls over both ways. She amazes me so much. She's such a little thing, but boy does she know how to scoot around. Now that she can roll, she's all over the place.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Super Daddy, Glad I Don't have Twins, and Rolling Over

Sorry for the random pictures and stories all compiled into one, but being back at work makes for one CRAZY life!!!

Steven was home with the kids last Friday, and he got one more bonus kiddo. Lindsay had a job interview and brought Little Linc over for some playtime. I was quite impresses with my hubby. Not just any man could take care of three kids; two of which are 3 months old! He did a great job, but I do believe his words when I got home were, "I could NEVER do that again!" Oh well, at least he can say he's done it once. Below is the picture of how he handled them all...thank goodness for bouncy chairs...

We were also very blessed to be able to have our Butterball Nephew over for the weekend. He and Addie are just two weeks apart and he outweights her by 4lbs. I guess I'd rather him be the larger of the two. Something about having a monster sized girl just doesn't say...cutie pie :) We had a great time with the babies, but let me say I am so glad I don't have twins! WHEW...I don't know how Steven's parents survived them. The pic below shows a little tummy time. You can see Mase thought he needed some tummy time too. He's always has to be were the babies are.
Now for Addie's lastest achievement. She rolled over! Two mornings in a row I've found her on her back (she sleeps on her stomach). Since I never actually saw her roll over, I didn't count it. Well today when I put she and Linc on their tummies, she rolled over. So, now it counts...I saw it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Funky Virus

Thank the LORD...Addie does not have pnuemonia!!!! We went to her regular pediatrician today and they had to redo her xray b/c Warren Clinic could not find the one done on Saturday ( was digital...). Anyway, all is clear and she just picked up some kind of funky one day virus. Glad she's better, but she sure did give us a scare with a 104.4 temp!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Urgent Care Visit

Addie had her first and hopefully last visit to the Urgent Care Center yesterday. She woke up with a 104.4 degree temp. She was absolutely fine the day before, no symptoms of anything, and was acting her usual playful self. It's amazing how fast an illness can hit a little one. Anyway, we spent a good 2 hours there and they ran a bunch of tests...RSV, flu, blood cell count, x-ray...the entire time she was so lethargic. I NEVER want to see her like that again. She wouldn't even smile at us. Once we got the results back they concluded that she could possibly have pnuemonia. They weren't sure because of a gland was obscuring the x-ray in her left lung, but the right lung was perfectly clear. So she's on an antibiotic right now. Her fever finally broke at midnight, and she was able to sleep until late morning. She's up and at it today...smiling, playing, cooing, being her usual self. No fever, no symptoms, nothing. We go to our regular pediatrician tomorrow to have her looked at again. Hopefully, it was just a short term virus and nothing more.