Sunday, March 30, 2008

First Boo-Boo and Bathtime

Mason has had lots of falls, but no ouchies...until today. Steven and Mason spent most of the day outside cleaning cars, sweeping the garage, and of course, PLAYING. Mason took quite a tumble on the knees. He didn't even cry. He got right back up and was on his merry way. To be honest, I'm surprised that this is his worst boo-boo so far. He's a pretty active little guy.

After spending most of the day playing in the dirt and mud, it was definitely time for a bath. Mason is for sure all boy. His outside time consist of the following: looking for ways to escape from you, finding the biggest, muddiest dirt pile to play in, running and chasing balls, playing with Roxy, and stabbing any crevices he can find in the concrete with a stick. He sure does have fun.

Hope you had a great time with your family this weekend!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Man

Easter is such a great time of year. Steven and I love celebrating our Jesus and the ultimate sacrifice for us. We look forward to sharing this event in history with Mason each year. Another great part of Easter how stinkin' cute Mase is when he's all dressed up. Of course he was the cutest one in the nursery...OF COURSE! I think there were even some little girls trying to get his digits. Good thing he hasn't learned our phone number yet. Anyway, we sure hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday as much as we enjoyed ours. Here's what our Little Man looked like in his spiffy outfit...

He's so GQ!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Zoo Time

Today was officially the last day of Spring Break for me, and Steven was off for Good Friday. We decided to enjoy the beautiful weather as a family today and head to the zoo. Well, I think half of Tulsa County had the same idea today as well. It was CROWDED! Anyway, we had a great time. However, we did not see many of the animals. Little man was not so interested in the animals as he was playing in the dirt piles. Towards the end when he got a little sleepy, he started to look and point. It was very cute. So even though the day didn't go as planned (a leisurely day checking out wild animals), we did spend the day as a family and that's all that matters. You can always gage how much Mase enjoyed his day based on how tired he is at the end. He was exhausted, so I guess he had a blast. He fell asleep as soon as we headed out of Mohawk Park.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Future Pole Vaulter

Recently, Steven found one of the pool time noodles in a closet. It has very quickly become Mason's favorite new toy. What I don't quite understand is his love/hate relationship with the noodle. He spent half of the day yesterday upset because it kept getting stuck on furniture or walls when he was trying to walk around. However, he kept right on playing. After about 30 minutes of the laughing and crying, I finally decided to get the camera. When I looked back through them I noticed what a great pole vaulter Mase will become if he sticks with it...

Signaling he's ready...

Getting ready for the approach...

Not happy with the final score...

Mase, it's okay. We're all still proud of you.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Birthday Surprises

A few weeks ago I had my 28th birthday. It was a little bittersweet...I cannot believe that I am so close to 30, but on the other hand I really love where I am in life.

Anyway, my birthday was full of surprises. Surprise #1 was the storage bench Steven's dad built for me. A few months back I was looking through a Pottery Barn catalogue while he was over playing with his grandson. I had pointed out this bench to Steven because I had been wanting something new for the entry way. His dad apparently took the magazine and started building this for my birthday. It was the best gift ever. I absolutely love it!

Surprise #2 was my gift from Steven. I have been really tired lately and just thought it was about time for Spring Break. Apparently, I had good reason to be tired. Below is Steven's gift... #2 is due October 22nd. Apparently the transition between breastfeeding and birth control didn't go as smoothly as planned. However, we are both very excited (at least after the initial shock wore off)! For those of you doing the math, Mason and baby #2 will be 23 months apart.

Easter Bunny and Quacking Up

Our neighbors across the street has 'all things blow-up'. For every season/holiday, there is a blow-up something to go with it. Well this year we took Mason over to have his picture with the Easter Bunny.

For Christmas my grandparents got each great-grandchild an animal towel. Mason's was a duck. He has outgrown all of his infant towels so we pulled out his duckie towel. Everytime he sees it he starts quacking like a duck. It is so cute.

Monday, March 3, 2008

cookies, haircuts, and orneriness

One of the perks of being a teachers is GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! I indulged this year and got three boxes. Good thing...Mason loves them. I do believe Thin Mints are his favorite. He hasn't quite figured out how to eat the delicately as to not get it all over his face.

Now, I've posted before that we have to dry Mase's hair before bed, but this is getting ridiculous. His hair is getting a little girly. Haircut is scheduled for Sunday. I'll post some pics of his new do. Ladies, watch out! (by the way, did you catch his model look?)

I put this on here so you could catch a better side of Mason's true personality! He is ORNERY! He knows he's not supposed to chew on the comb...he's waiting to see how long he can get away with it. Lately, when he's told no he sticks his tongue out and blows raspberries at you. Such a stinker!