Thursday, April 23, 2009

Teeny Weeny

Addie turned 6 months last week, and thus we had her 6 month check-up. She is doing great and growing well. BUT, she is tiny! She topped the scales at a whopping 13 lbs 4 0z. I was really hoping for her to weigh in around 15 lbs, but she'll probably won't get to that weight until she's 1!

You can see how tiny she is compared to her 6 month old cousin, Lincoln. We have to remind Linc not to eat her. He's one chunky monkey. I guess that's how it should be though...the boy big and the girl tiny. I definitely would not want it the other way around.

Addison completely surprised us all this week when she popped up on her hands and knees. I truly thought I would have at least 2-3 more months of a stationary baby....WRONG! She's going ot be off in no time. She can get her knees going, but she's not quite figured out how to move the arms. I give her another week before she's off... Besides popping up on her hands and knees, Addie has also taken a liking to yoga. She has mastered the 'plank' and 'down-dog' quite well...not kidding. It's hilarious! Next week I plan on introducing 'warrior 1'...okay, that part is a joke :)

Not too much in Mason news, except he his reading, reading, reading...or should I say repeating, repeating, repeating. He has Brown Bear, Brown Bear memorized and will read (recite) the book cover to cover without a mistake. He also reads Diary of a Worm which he will only repeat the same few phrases over from that particular book. If you have a toddler boy, I strongly suggest Diary of a's really cute!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Addie finally got big enough to play in the exersaucer. She loves it, and so do I. She's contained from rolling everywhere, and super happy! Mason's enjoying it too...for the second time around. Yesterday I was vacuuming and noticed Mason wasn't 'vacuuming' behind me anymore, so I went searching. I didn't have to go far. He had climbed in the exersaucer...WITH ADDIE! They were both stuck. With a lot of jigglin', wigglin', pushin', and proddin' I got out both kids with all limbs still attached!

First Cereal

Addie will be six months old on Thursday. We went ahead and tried her first cereal out. We waited a couple of weeks after Mason turned six months old, but since Addie is such the finicky eater we started her a little earlier to give her a good practice run. She did great. I was shocked. She apparently has been watching us eat and decided she wanted to do what the 'big people' do!

Mason had to supervise the entire time. He was so cute cheering her on. Each time she'd take a bite, he'd tell her, "Addison, good."

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun at Ms. Melinda's

I love our babysitter for many reasons, but most of all I love that she sends random pics of the kids day. She has been so good to Mason for the last two years and has worked beautifully with Addie. Here are the latest pics she sent me...

Mason and Logan chillin' with the books.

Nothing like starting your morning watching Mickey Mouse bed.

I love this pic of Mase because you can rarely get a smile out of him when a camera comes out. He becomes so fascinated with the camera you can't get him focused off of it.


My sweet, sweet girl who thinks her fingers are yummy.