Friday, January 11, 2013

My NEW Go To Snack

I am a granola bar girl.  When I need a quick snack, I grab one and devour it.  I know, I know. Great mental image, right?

Last week, I came across this on Pinterest.  Thank goodness I have friends who post healthy stuff.  Otherwise, I'd be eating cookies all the time.  I kid.  I think I kid.

So here's our family's new favorite snack.  Three different people who tried mine all said the same thing.  This tastes like no bake cookies.  In all honesty, one person who shall remain anonymous actually said, Hey!  These taste like diarrhea cookies.  And that folks, is the world I live in.  So glamorous.

Without further ado, here's the new snack we love...

{pic via Give Me Some Oven}

Have a Great Weekend!

1 comment:

bopha said...

We love these too! Since we have a peanut allergy I used soy butter and they still tasted awesome. About as close as I can get to a no-bake cookie in our house.