Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pork Palace

Undoubtedly I find my husband the most attractive man on this Earth.  He's tall.  He's dark.  He's handsome.  He has more muscles than I know what to do with, but once a year his 'looks' factor drops a few points.  It drops all because of this...

He grows out his beard.  By the looks of it, it's not too bad.  By the feel of it, it's awful.  I'm not sure what's worse rubbing my face next to his or a porcupine's butt.  They probably feel the exact same.

I'm guessing he does this to exercise his right of ultimate manhood.  My other explanation is maybe he has viewed too many episodes of Duck Dynasty, but who am I kidding?  This is no Duck Dynasty.  At best we're the Pork Palace.  That's a new pitch for a show.  A bunch of Puerto Rican's with beards searching for the ulitmate piece of pork.  I have mentioned how Puerto Rican's love their pork, right?

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