Thursday, June 26, 2014

Semi Last Minute

Have you ever had that moment when you think something is really far away, then you look at the calendar and realize, "STINK!  I have one week left!!!!"?

Yeah, that was me this morning.  I woke up realizing we leave very soon for vacation and there are some essentials we MUST have before road-tripping it. 

We leave for the beach (my most favorite place ever) next week.  Thankfully, we have out of town family staying at our house while we're gone so I don't have to plan anything there.  BUT, a ton of other things I've been putting off need to be done, like, to-day!

We Torreses turn into the ultimate beach bums on vacation.  We wake up, have breakfast on the patio, put on our swimsuits, ride bikes for an hour or so, then hit the beach until dinner time.  Then dinner on the patio and back out for a walk on the beach.  Total slacker lifestyle! 

Since we pretty much crawl out of bed, beach it, and crawl back into bed I have a Beach Essentials' List.  Here's what we'll be packing.  Don't worry!  Swimsuits will be packed as well.  It's not that kind of beach.

This is our natural bug spray.  It's made as a body spray so it smells light and fresh, but it's a natural repellant with lemongrass.  Obviously, there are no harsh chemicals so it has always gone on Chubby Cheekers' skin since he was a babe.  No bites, no chemicals. Works beautifully!
I don't get chaffing from bike rides, but someone in our family does.  I won't embarrass him Steven, but someone chaffs.  Plus, this is our lightening quick answer to burns and scrapes.  This mama don't leave home without it!

Arbonne doesn't make a baby powder, but this is another beach must have.  It takes off sticky sand in a flash.  Sprinkle on the skin, dust it off.  Viola!  Learned it on Pinterest.

The only two sunscreens we use.  Last year I couldn't find our ABC Sunscreen for the kids so I used another popular 'good for you' sunscreen on our kids.  With the ABC I don't have to reapply.  With the other popular brand it said it had longer coverage time.  It didn't.  My kids got burned.  Never again.  As for the adult sunscreen.  Just as fabulous.  Plus one bottle lasts the entire summer.  LOVE long lasting stuff!   We'll also be pocketing the LipSaver Chapstick with SPF 20 so we don't look like pufferfish with burnt lips.

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