Thursday, June 19, 2014

You Mess With One, You Get All FIVE!

There are some days these little minions eat my lunch.  They are a ferocious bunch.  Not really.  They are funny and compassionate and caring and fun loving and playful.  Until, you mess with one of them.  Then they are ferocious!

Steven and I have always told the kids to stick up for their siblings.  They are to be kind, but firm with anyone who picks on or bullies someone in our family.  This includes cousins, friends, anyone for that matter.  They are to stand up for what is right.  So when we were at the park the other day and a little thang started showing a not so nice side, all five Torreses were on it.  I was one proud aunt and mama.

At first this little girl was so sweet just chatting with us while we were eating lunch.  When it was time to get up and play she started getting possessive with Little Miss.  Little Man went to sit by her, and she pinched him.  When he told her he wanted to sit by his sister, she told him to shut up. 

He came to me for some advice.  This little girl was younger than him and he was looking for a solution on how to deal with her.  I told him to firmly tell her, our family doesn't play or talk like that and we don't allow people to play or talk like that to us.  Meanwhile, I call Little Miss over to guide her to separate from this little girl. 

Well, Little Miss was already on it.

Mom!  She pinched Mason and told him to shut up.  I told her I can't play with her since she's being mean to my brother.

Score one for Little Miss.  She doesn't get many opportunities to play with girls so for her to stand up for what was right and her older brother made me celebrate her boldness.

All the while, Little Man headed over to deliver his message he sought advice for.  As he's delivering his speech, Chunky Monkey has his best tough guy face on, arms crossed, nodding his head in agreement.  And the babies?  They were standing back up too.

Moral of the Story...

If you mess with one, you get all FIVE. 

We Torreses run in packs.  In our family, there is no such thing as one person's problem.  The truth is, I am proud of them.  They stood for what is right and stood for each other.  They kept their cool, but were firm.

On the way home, the kids began talking about what happened.  They aren't used to people treating them ugly.  As they were getting wrapped up in all the drama, I found it to be the perfect teaching moment.  And they got this speech...

You will have multiple times in your life where people are ugly, unfair, or just plain mean.  You have a choice.  You do not have to stand for it.  You are a Torres.  We stand for what's right.  We stick together.  We support those who need supporting.  More importantly, you are a child of the Most High God.  You are powerful.  God says you are special.  You must know who you are, then decided if what the person is speaking is the truth or a lie.  If it is the truth, you may need to make changes for the better.  If it is a lie, you may need to separate yourself from the person or situation.  

I really think it was hitting home, until someone passed gas and they were dying laughing...then gasping for air.  We'll just say Little Miss can clear a room ;)  Hopefully, they got the lesson.  If not, until next time, because there will always be a next time.


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