Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Last Friday Steven and I spent some time hearing about the vision for our church.  The vision was first casted during our previous weekend's sermon and we were excited.  After meeting for lunch and listening to the deeper vision and passion behind the change, we are elated.  Making better connections to serve people in an intimate and engaging relationships, while maintaining the crucial teachings that Pastor George is so gifted at delivering.

Steven and I have been apart of our church for over a decade and the relationships we have with our church family is cherished.  To help offer that connection to others who walk through our doors is really moving.  I wish I had more words to express the true emotion behind being apart of this vision, but every word I come up with fails to reflect how we feel.  It lacks the luster.

Then I was reading Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick and I came to this passage.  It sums up every ounce of where our family stands in the world of Christianity.  It sums up what our church has a vision for, so I will let the passage speak for me...

"No matter who pays your salary, you're a full-time employee of the kingdom of God.  And wherever you work, that's your ministry.  Whatever you're good at, that's your calling.  The components of your assignment are the sources of your significance.  And there are burning bushes all around you.  Every business negotiation is an opportunity for Christ to shine through you.  Every teachable moment with your children is a bright spot in the making.  Everywhere you set your foot is potential holy ground.  And this concept is the key to effectiveness in the local church."

The End.

I have no more. 

Nah, I do.  I love that our church is grouping those together to inspire meaningful connections to others so we can, together, get out of the church and BE the church to our communities.  To serve others. Love others.  See others. Connect with others outside of our church to make a lasting difference in the world we live in.

Who doesn't want to be apart of that????

I'm sure you'll hear more of this from me as Steven and I step into this journey of building sections in our church, but more importantly, I can't wait to share the stories that come from new connections made.  It's. All. So. Exciting.

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