Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Potty Training....UGH!

I'm sure some of you have read my fool proof way of potty training.  Worked like a charm for my friends and for Little Miss.  I find it super duper effective...if you are not lazy.  My problem this time around with #3, I'M LAZY!!!

In fact, potty training was this thing I knew needed to be done, but not one ounce of me wanted to do it.  I loathe the whole process.  Changing wet undies, dumping poop in the potty, cleaning it out of undies, the laundry, the following around.  I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Until my mom steps in and buys Chubby Cheekers some new undies (Smooth, Mom.  Real smooth!).  Undies that he wants to wear, like, ALL. THE. TIME.  Can someone put me in a straight jacket now?

I'm sure you've recognized that Chubby Cheekers has always been our kid who moves to the beat of a different drum.  It would only be fitting if I shared with you his journey of potty training.  It's been very different.

First off, he takes the doggie approach to peeing.  If he has to go, he goes to the backyard, finds a spot on the grass and lets it flow.  This wouldn't be totally unacceptable except he doesn't pull down the undies.  Just stands there and pees in them.  Then waddles himself back inside to let me know how awesome he did going pee-pee.

Yeah,  that has happened multiple times.

Secondly, he insists that entire family comes with him to the bathroom (when he actually goes to IN the bathroom).  Once he does his business, he asks you to clap.  When he gets his undies back on, he asks your for high fives.  When you give him a high five, he gives you the biggest hug.  It's an all out celebration.

And lastly, he now wants to celebrate everyone else who goes potty.  I have received so many claps, high fives, and hugs for going pee-pee myself.  More than the average Torres in this household thanks to pregnancy.  Really, I'm just giving you fair warning.  If you come over, a certain 2 year old will celebrate you too.

Fortunately, I still have my sanity after 3 days of this 'training' business.  If I would just crack down and do the Potty Training in a Week method, then this would probably get over a lot sooner.  Unfortunately, laziness is still my #1 stumbling block.  Poor Torres #4.  She may wear diapers her entire life by the time I get to training her.  Aye, aye, aye.

And without being too revealing, here's my spirited boy in his cutie patootie undies...
Photo: For all the spirit he exudes daily, he also has such tender, sweet moments. Thanks, Mom, for capturing this one. 

I have to admit, his little biscuits look adorable in his undies.  Like totally pinchable!

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