Monday, June 2, 2014

Big Ouchies

Menu Monday will be tomorrow.  

Have you ever had a weekend that you wished was over?  Weird, huh?  I prayed for Monday to come and I'm so ready to get it going today.

I bet you're wondering why.  I mean, who really wants Monday to come over a weekend?  But, I tell you what, we had a rough one.

Friday night I ran to Aldi.  Usually Little Miss goes wherever I go, but I encouraged her to stay home and play with her new friend, Lilly.  So I left and Little Miss grabbed her scooter to play with her friend.  I go to the store and get home about and hour later.

As I was unloading groceries, Little Miss walks in crying and I knew something was wrong.  She told me she fell off her scooter and her arm was hurting.  Come to find out, she had fallen off her scooter an hour earlier.  Right after I left she hit a bump and flew off.  Steven went to get her. She cried for a bit and then said she wanted to play.  Fast forward and hour and she was still in pain and her elbow was swollen.

I threw her in the car and headed to an after hours.  Two hours later we walk out with a sling and inconclusive X-rays.  Poor thing has been in pain ever since.  So this morning we are headed to an orthopedic specialist to get some answers.

Meanwhile, Chubby Cheekers has a throat that looks like whipped cream exploded on his tonsils so he's off to the doctor with Daddy.  I mean, we're really utilizing that health insurance plan.

Honestly, we're thankful for doctors.  Thankful for healthcare coverage, but more thankful that God has this in control.  I do not know how to do life without relying on His Holy power.  More thankful for a church that has taught our children how to pray and believe for their own health and healing. 

Just look at this little thang.  Ten o'clock at night still hanging at the after hours and she's smiling.  Poor thing was in pain, but said nothing.  Not even when the doctor was asking.  She would just tense up during the mobility testing.  That's the only way I knew she was hurting.  This girl is tough as nails. I love her to pieces. 

So if you'll say a little prayer for my tough as nails girl while we get some answers for her and hopefully some relief from her pain.  Nothing worse than watching those you love hurt. 

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