Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Little Man has his first love.  His first obsession.  His first Gotta Do It All The Time.  He's in love with all things balls!  This boy has a ball in his hand at all times.  Football, Basketball, Baseball, Dodgeball...if it's a ball, he's got it.  If it's something that somewhat resembles a ball, he's made up a game with it.  Last weekend I was deathly afraid to go outside because he and Steven had made up game that was a cross between dodgeball and baseball. All I know is balls were flying and hitting the house left and right.  I can only imagine what the neighbors think!

Right now he's in the middle of a basketball camp at a local university in our area.  Most of his close friends are at camp with him so he's even more pumped.  He goes from morning until noon and by the time I pick him up he's still not had enough basketball time.  As soon as he gets home that boy picks up his mini ball and starts playing in the house. 

He did take one little break.  Not to eat.  Not to pee.  Not to get a drink.  I guess it dawned on him that he needed to practice for their daily talent show.  Seriously.  That happened.  I'm not sure what genre of dance he was going for but it was somewhere in between break dancing and convulsions.  Surely to entertain all spectators.  I just hope someone catches it on video.  I'm all for winning $10,000 capturing the special moments of his life.

So far, it's been a great week with friends and playing ball.  Now here's to bringing home the gold with a dance off win.  I am totally serious.  Okay, I'm not. I'm dying laughing. 


By the way, I just love how each kid is giving their best Thumb's Up pose...and then there's my kid.  
Where does he get this from???

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