Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Complex Thoughts

Earlier today, when my brain was still working, I had a really great blog post floating around in my head.  I was reading Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick and thoughts were just pouring through me and things were getting underlined and MAN!  I had some good stuff.

Then a kid woke up...and another...and another...then a toddler, and well, you get the point.  Thoughts pushed back, notes taken, and book and notebook shut.

Now that's it's late at night and I am cuddled in bed, I'm not evoking so much thought.  So instead you can have random thoughts I remember from my day.  You have to make one promise though.  You cannot judge me.  M-kay?

  • What in the world am I doing up here?  It's hot.  I'm knocked up and climbing through a tunnel chasing two year olds.  Have I lost my mind?
  • Don't eat the cake in the fridge!!!
  • If I locked myself in the closet, how long would it take before someone found me?
  • Do I go for the protein shake or eat the leftover french toast from Father's Day?  
  • Does my butt need it's own zip code yet?
  • How much longer can I squeeze into this shirt before my belly starts hanging out the bottom?
  • Don't eat the cake!!!
  • I wish I were Mr. Miagi so I could catch these dang flies with chopsticks.
  • Do these kids think we live in a barn?  Close the door!!!
  • Oh my gosh!  I've turned into that mom.  Go ahead, leave the door open.
  • Wait!  Don't leave the door open.  It's hot.  And those DANG flies!
As you can tell I have some very complex thoughts throughout the day. I do promise to give you something to think about tomorrow.  Although, I'm sure you're thinking why you stopped by today.  So I guess I did give you something to think about!

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