Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Is It Tuesday?

Seriously?  Is it Tuesday already?  It's like I took a nap on Saturday and woke up to Tuesday.  From our wonderful Chicago family visiting, to Tulsa Homeless Outreach,  to getting a cast off, to getting a sinus infection under control, I can see why Tuesday snuck up on me. 

It's not totally a bad thing.  Being busy with the right thing has it's perks.  Spending time with family.  Perk.  Serving the homeless. Perk.  Getting a cast off. Perk.  Sinus infection.  Uh...non perk.

I'll spare you from the play by play of the family weekend, but let's just say 7 kids ages 8, 7, 5, 5, and THREE 2 year olds makes for a lot of crazy fun!  Go ahead.  Let your imagination run wild with that one.  If you can think of it, it probably happened within our two days together.

As for the Tulsa Homeless Outreach.  AH-MAY-ZING!!!  So many volunteers showed up this time.  People making unlimited snow cones, people playing music, multiple cars serving up sack lunches, crates and crates of water being distributed (so much so that I came home with one leftover for next month), and toiletries.  It was heartwarming to meet up with Dwayne, Ron, Amy, and a few others we have grown to love personally.

Dwayne told me on Sunday that his whole life people have always told him to get lost.  In fact, at 14 years of age, his mother told him to go.  There was a whole story to that, but Dwayne is missing most of his teeth so catching the whole story was a bit difficult.  Nonetheless, his birthday is July 27th.  He'll be 54.  I can't wait to bring him a cake and some balloons.  More than anything I want him to know that when I said, "You are loved and cherished, you just haven't met the right ones to show you that yet,"  that he knows I mean it.  Despite the amount of spit that lands on my arm while listening to him, or the dirt caked all over his arms and hands, or how rough he looks, or even how bad he smells of alcohol (even though he swears he doesn't drink anymore), he is still worthy of relationships and love.  He loves telling stories, and I love listening to them.  At least the parts I can understand!

I'll be updating what we are focusing on for July's outreach.  The overwhelming request from those on the streets was SHORTS!  So, needless to say, I'm going to be asking for the shorts off your butts!  

In other Torres news, a certain little princess got her cast off yesterday! This is her last pic with that pink bad boy right before it was sawed off her pretty little arm...

Photo: This bad boy is coming off today! 

She did so great getting it off. One thing I wasn't prepared for was the weakness in her arm coming across as soreness.  As soon as the tech took the cast off and walked out, the tears came.  She was scared about how her arm was feeling.  Thankfully, the ortho saw a great report in the Xray.  Her elbow was healing nicely and no cast needed. 

We walked out with temporary removable splint for wearing when riding bikes or scooters, but other than that, nothing is needed.  We've been swimming 2 days in a row and she's getting more and more confident with using her right arm.  She still has not fully extended her arm, but we're believing over the next few weeks that will happen.  She's made great progress just in the last 24 hours.

We really appreciate all the prayers and support from everyone.  It means a lot to our family and to Little Miss.  Love you all!

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