Thursday, June 5, 2014

We Like Hot Dogs. We Like Hamburgers.

If I were to cook dinner right now, I'd serve up 3 hot dogs and 2 hamburgers. We like hot dogs and we like hamburgers.  It just so happens we're a little unbalanced over here. 

With 5 in our family right now it's always unbalanced.  BUT, not for long.  We're getting ready to serve up 3 hot dogs and then turn around it match it up with 3 hamburgers.  You may be thinking?  Who's eating the extra hamburger over there?  Only, I'm not talking literally.  I'm speaking figuratively.

This Torres family is getting ready to even itself out because come November we're adding another GIRL to this family.  So that makes 3 hot dogs and 3 hamburgers, if you know what I mean ;)

Little Miss is over the moon excited.  She has prayed for a sister ever since we told the kids another minion was on the way.  Right now, we're working on names.  Do we go with the 'A' name so the girls have 'A' names and the younger boys have 'M's'? OR, do we go with a name that ends in -son like Little Man and Little Miss' names?  But that leaves Chubby Cheekers the odd man out.  OR, do we go with naming her Stevie after her Daddy???  Then there will be 2 A's, 2 M's, and 2 S's, and I will feel like my world is in balance again?  OR, do we go with the name my mother HATES??? OR, do we just name her whatever we think of when she comes out?

So. Many. Decisions.

As of now, I am no where near choosing a name.  So all suggestions welcome!  Just think, YOU could choose the next Torres baby name! 

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