Thursday, September 12, 2013

What a Crock: Using My Pot for Good

Well, I did it. I dusted off the ol' crock pot and fired it up. It's that season again. You know the one where you wonder if you put deodorant on just one armpit or two...or maybe not at all. Did I brush my teeth? Are all the kids in the car? Where the heck are my keys?

Let's be honest, when you're in the Mommy Trenches you either pull out MREs, drive thru it, or crock pot it. Since meals ready to eat don't sound too appealing, and drive thru-ing it isn't a good healthy option all the time, crock potting it is. 

Once I realized it was Crock Pot Season, I turned to Pinterest.  Then, I found this beauty...

Gluten Free Dairy Free Chicken Fiesta Soup recipe- Dinner #freezercooking #glutenfree #dairyfree

I had roasted a chicken the night before so I already had shredded the leftovers.  This was speedy fast and a hit.  We paired it with Corn Casserole.  A match made in heaven!

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