Tuesday, September 24, 2013


What do you think of when you think of foam?  A memory foam mattress?  Foam bubbles? Something soft and fluffy?  Comfort?  Do you think of this?

I never did.  I equated foam with light, fluffy feelings.  My thoughts on foam have seriously changed.  Seriously.  I now think of foam is of the devil.  Not exactly of the devil, but it is the most painful, excruciating necessity.

Since upping mileage in running, I've developed a bit of a tight IT Band.  If I stretch religiously (everyday, multiple times a day) I don't have many issues with it.  Rolling out my IT Band becomes more of a minor annoyance.  If I get lazy and don't stretch, rolling out my IT Band is like that of labor contractions.  The pain takes my breath away.

It all really stinks.  The foam roller stinks.  The knee pain stinks.  Being limited stinks.  On the other hand, I still have two legs that function well.  I have the ability to push myself during running and interval training.  I just have pain.  Too bad the answer to fixing that pain is even more painful.  I hate foam now.  It is not soft and fluffy and light.  It is brutal.

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