Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Too Much Estrogen In the Room

Yesterday I walked into my kitchen and there was WAY too much estrogen in the room. Usually, I like having estrogen in the room. After all, I usually have too many penises in the house. Estrogen is welcomed. Then I realized I'm surrounded by estrogen that is affecting me daily. Too much of it.

 A few nights ago I went to listen to a popular doctor in Tulsa, OK. Dr. James Ross has spent most of his career focusing on women's hormones and the studies that go along with it. He and his wife, Missy, were so gracious to open their home to loads of women (and a few men) to discuss the overabundance of estrogen, the problems associated with overexposure, and how to fix it. Let's just say I went in thinking, This isn't going to apply to me, and walked away with a lot to think about. In fact, once Dr. Ross began his presentation my hand could not keep up fast enough. I was mad at myself that I didn't have my phone in hand to record him. Thankfully, I learned to take good notes in college. See? That piece of paper with fancy letters and emblem on it wasn't a complete waste.

 Here's what I learned:

  Estrogen: How Are We Overexposed? Sometimes our bodies don't produce enough progesterone to keep our estrogen in check. On top of that most foods we consume contain levels of estrogen (soy is a big one...all the more reason to choose Arbonne vegan protein), there are xenoestrogens from pollution and plastics that we breathe, and our personal care products are raising our estrogen levels as well.

  What Are Some Signs and Symptoms of Too Much Estrogen? For women it can range from mood disorders, weight gain, fatique, stress, inflammation, thyroid issues, osteoporosis, sleep disorders, decreased libido, irregular menstrual cycles, fybroids, acne, migranes, and chronic yeast infections. For men (yes men can be overexposed too) it can range from mood disorders, prostate issues, ED, man boobs, and hair loss.

 What Do We Need To Balance Our Hormones: If your hormones are imbalanced (please see your physician), you may need progesterone. However, not all progesterone is created equally. You want to look for a bio-identical hormone, not synthetic. You want a hormone that is made as our body produces it naturally. Bio-identicals can be used safely.

 Progesterone is basically the unsung hero of the hormonal system to keep estrogen in check. Using a progesterone cream like Arbonne's Prolief Cream will help to balance your estrogen levels. In addition, detoxing your body and changing out personal care products for pure, safe, and beneficial products will also help to balance your hormonal levels.

 Thankfully, I was introduced to Arbonne in a way that made sense to me back in March. Little by little I fall in love with what the company has to offer products and business wise. Every product is tested and rated against their belief system of pure, safe, and beneficial. If it doesn't pass the test, it's not an Arbonne product. I am also thankful that there is an array of products. From lotions to cosmetics, protein shakes to detox tea, shampoo to skin care, energy replacement to supplements, Arbonne has it ALL. Even Prolief Progesterone Cream!

 If you would like to look around at the products I love, head on over to Click join Arbonne at the top.  You can use my ID# 13569841, to look around at all Arbonne has to offer.  Also, ask away any questions. That's what I did, and still do, to keep moving forward towards better health.

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