Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm Shrinking

For years my hair has been long. For years I loved it. I loved the long flow the many ways I could style it. The freedom of tying it up and it forever being away from my face. It was lovely.

The whole beachy waves thing was great.  The curls.  The fun of it all.  At least it was fun until I no longer fixed it.  On most days it was in a bun...or a ponytail...or a mess...or basically, not fixed.  For weeks I have wanted to do something different, but when I ask, "Hey do you think I should cut my hair?" the reactions were like I asked if I should cut off my right arm.

You're hair?  What?  Why would you cut it?  You can't cut your hair.  It's so long.

After a while I felt like Samson from the Bible.  Was I going to lose all my superhuman mom strength if I cut it all off?  It seriously had me freaked out.  I just stopped asking, and made an appointment.

Today, my hair is 9 inches shorter sitting right above my shoulders.  I love it.  It's easier to manage.  I'm sure someday I will grow it back out, but for today I'm rocking the short mom do.  At least until I find the ponytail holders I hid from myself.

Pics to follow on a later post.  I guess you'll have to catch me out in public for now.  That's if you recognize me ;)

Have a great weekend!


Alice said...

were you able to donate it to locks of love? My hair won't grow!!! Seriously it has been the same length for years and ALL I get is a little trim. I think you should text me a pic of your new do because I am impatient!!

Ashley said...

I would have given you and immediate YES to cut it off, as I do with everyone that asks if they should chop it off! I am not a long hair type of girl anymore. It is so easy to not have to deal with it. All I do is blow dry my hair and bam it's done!