Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Addicted: Breaking the Cycle

Amongst other things, we have been focused on helping a family member break the cycle of addiction. It has been emotional. It has caused us to lose sleep. It has caused tears. Thankfully, the cycle is now broken and life can resume to a more normal state of living.

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you who and what it was, but I will. For the last 18 months Chubby Cheekers has been addicted to the Milk Twins. It was getting so bad that he named his blankie Boobie. Yeah, you read that right. When he gets tired or upset, he yells, Where'd Boobie go? or Boobie? Booooo-beeee? When you're at home it's kinda funny. When you are out in public, it's kinda embarrassing. Although, that's not really the most embarrassing part.

 I'm really gonna get you on this one. Sometimes, alright...I'll be honest, all the time I'd ask Chubby Cheekers, "Who wants Boobie?" before nap or bed and everytime he'd throw up both his arms and yell real loud, "MEEEEEEEE!" The joy and excitement in his voice was almost too much to contain. I had to share it with friends and family.

Funny how they didn't think it was cute.

When I showed my SIL what he'd do, she quickly put down her phone, looked at me, and very seriously said, "OMG Amanda! Get that kid off the boob."

 When I showed my friend Erica what he'd do she said, "Are you serious? Maybe it's time to call it quits."

When I showed my husband, he just put his head in his hand and said, "I have a titty baby."

Yep, honey, you do. Literally. Chubby Cheekers loves the boob.

That right there was making it difficult for me to wean him. I mean, he's my last baby. However, I'm a semi reasonable woman so I began the process of weaning. No longer offering, but no longer refusing. Well, that didn't go well. Then I realized my milk supply was diminishing with all the running I am doing. One night we sat down to nurse and I began to think I was witnessing an exorcism.

Chubby Cheekers was trying to go to town on Milk Twin #1 and nothing was coming out. On to Milk Twin #2 and same thing. He began to thrash and scream and kick and I can't tell you what other nonsense went on because Daddy came to the rescue. He got him to bed. Fast forward a few weeks and Chubby Cheekers still asks for 'Boobie'. I tell him, "Boobie all gone," but he still tries to lift up my shirt to see. That boy is relentless.

As for me, I miss my nursing boobies. Now I'm stuck with no boobies. Maybe I should have another baby to get those things back...and then another...and then another...that would be like a permanent boob job! Now that I've spilled our deepest darkest secret, I guess I should introduce the newest member of family. His name is Chubby Cheekers, The Boy Who Is Off the Boob.

I guess you get the boy off the boob and suddenly he's Mr. Independent.

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