Friday, April 12, 2013

Reclaiming Your Time

I love my church.  Love it.  Steven and I have been at the same church for almost 15 years.  Over the course of 15 years we have heard a few messages more than once, but I find those to be the most beneficial.  Each time I get something new to apply to my life.

Our Wednesday messages have been on reclaiming your time.  For the most part I don't struggle with time management.  I'm a list-making, multi-tasking, type-a weirdo.  We don't do wasted time very well.  However, I have learned the art of letting some things go because I simply can't drive myself nuts all the time.  Just on special occasions ;)

I digress.

We all have areas where we could improve, but most often we feel we don't have enough time to focus on that specific area.  That's where Pastor Andersen broke it down for us.  Basically, you have Power Breaks so you don't end up breaking yourself.  There are 3 Power Breaks for daily living, and 4 Power Breaks for weekly living.

Time with God (spending time in His Word and prayer)

Time for You (spending time doing something you enjoy doing)

Time for the Temple (your body is the temple...exercise it)

All of these points were spot on.  I know when I do those three things I am the best me throughout the day.  It is important to recharge yourself so you can refocus what is really important.  However, I especially liked his extra points on the Time for You section. He specifically said, "It's not just time alone.  It's time alone doing something you enjoy."  Yes Honey, that meant going to the grocery story by myself is not time for me (although I appreciate the mini vacation from the kids while shopping).

Day Off (protect a day for piling chores and errands into the day of rest)

Date Night
A time for you and your spouse to spend reconnect during the week.  Keep the activity limited to only the two of you, doing something you both enjoy, and the activity must allow for conversation.

Family Night
This was my favorite, and I most definitely plan to copy the idea.  One night a week is protected for your time together as a family.  No friends.  No extended family members.  Just your family.  The basic plan for their family was one person was in charge of planning Family Night.  Since we have 5 people in our family, every 5th week, only I would plan the activity.  The activity was limited to something that didn't cost any money and everyone could participate.  After Family Night is over, the person in charge of planning journals about the night.  That was my favorite part.  A big documentation of what's going on with your family every week.  LOVE!

This one is kind of obvious.  Weekly, you should recharge yourself by heading to church.  This has made a world of difference in our lives.  I can't imaging going solo without Church on the Move.

That was it.  All 7 ways to take Power Breaks.  I fully intend to work on plugging these into our routines because it takes a lot to keep up with these monkeys...

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