Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's Like Mommy Crack

Picture this...

It's 5:28am.  I am in a hoodie smeared with snot on my left shoulder (only I don't realize it's on there until I get home...classic Amanda Torres), my hair is haphazardly thrown into a ponytail, and loose hairs are pulled back with a a head band.  I am a hot mess running down my street trying to make 5:30am F.I.T. Boot Camp at Erica's.  

I make it just in time, and I have a bit of time to talk to friends while we're warming up.  One girl that I absolutely love says, "You know those Fizz Sticks?  They are like Mommy Crack!"  I died laughing.  I had never thought of my Fizz Sticks as Mommy Crack, but she was right.  IT IS!!!  
I've never been a person to struggle with consuming the recommended amount of daily water intake (half your body weight).  I honestly thought about not ordering fizz sticks, I'd just stick with my normal water routine, when beginning the detox, but it was recommended.  I thought, "If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right."  And holy hairballs!  I'm glad I got those suckers.  I look forward to mine everyday at 2:30, a time in my day when I hit a wall.  

Fizz Sticks are little packets (kinda like Crystal Light) you add to your water, and guess what?  It fizzes as it goes in.  What I love about the Fizz Sticks is of course the au natural qualities.  They contain B vitamins which are often depleted in times of stress (let's be real...I'm a mom...I have many stressful moments!), and they help support my metabolism, healthy skin, hair, and nervous system.  Even though my skin is looking more vibrant, that's not why it's Mommy Crack.  Those little boogers give me alertness and enhance my cognitive performance.  I seriously need alertness.  I have a 14 month old who thinks he can do the same tasks as his 4 year old sister and 6 year old brother.  Just today he was trying to climb in my neighbors water feature.  Yeah, those Fizz Sticks will always be my Mommy Crack as long as Chubby Cheekers is around.

So Fizz Sticks, this pic is for you.  Life is so much easier with you guys.  I love you.

                               Photo: Ornery guy

Fizz Sticks Make Me Smile


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