Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Than I Love You

On rare occasions do I get one on one time with the kids.  A couple of days ago Little Miss and I were headed to meet her brother and Daddy.  Chubby Cheekers was at home with his favorite aunt.  As we were driving she was super quiet.  I usually bask in the light of silence in the car.  So much of my life is consumed with kids who know no volume control when speaking, especially in the car.  I so wanted to not break the silence, but we only had a short time together.  Just us.  It was my chance.

So I asked, "Mama, whatcha thinking about back there?"

"I'm thinking about you Mommy."

I was a bit surprised, "Me?  What about me?"

"That I love you."

My heart was melting.  My only precious little girl was just sitting as far back in the car as one can sit, just thinking about her love for me.  What a precious love.

It was my time to tell her more than "I love you" back to her.

I looked in my rear view mirror and said, "Mama, I love you.  I love how you dance and perform in the room when you think no one is watching.  I love when you get so tickled you have a big belly laugh.  I love how you love meeting new friends and talking with them.  I love that you want to cuddle.  I love when you make sure a belly button is on every person you draw because your belly button is so important to you.  I love you."

When I was finished, I looked back in the mirror and she had the biggest smile.  Then she said, "Mommy, that makes me so happy."

That hit me hard.  How many times have I let moments pass by without recognizing how special she is to me?  In a world full of boys, she is my sunshine and sparkle.  I will be more conscience with all my kids to tell them what makes them special and what I love about them.  It just so happens my little princess taught me the lesson.  I love her to pieces.



Amyzing0517 said...

Well thanks for making me cry before noon!!! So sweet!!

Beatrice Torres said...

Eye's got watery...thanks for the reminder to say these kinds of things often!