Thursday, April 25, 2013

My 3 Loves...Getting Healthy, Saving Money, Helping Others

Day 25 of my detox is HERE!  If you follow along with my news feeds on Facebook, then you've had the day by day playbook of my progress and failures.  It's definitely brought a lot of change to me, my family, and friends.  Lots of weight lost, but more importantly, people are changing their eating habits and reaping the benefits.  I love hearing the progress and successes.

I also love saving money.  I'm going to be honest.  When Steven and I looked into supplements for our family, we didn't know how we were going to add it to our budget.  After a little research, we knew the Arbonne Fit Essentials line was the best choice for us, especially the protein.  It's vegan based with protein coming from pea, cranberry, and brown rice.  Pea protein in the most absorbable form of protein.  We also wanted to steer clear of whey (leftover milk and cheese by products that is difficult to digest), and soy (we do NOT need any more soy in our diets...ever).  Plus it is sweetened with stevia.  Not artificial sweeteners we were finding in other protein shakes.

I digress.

We decided on Arbonne.  The price was a bit much for what we could afford.  I began looking at options to save and decided to turn this into a business.  It has been super fruitful to me.  I've met some amazing ladies (and a few men).  Doing the business side allows me to save 35% off everything whether it's the supplements, make-up, baby products, or skin care.  35% off everything!  However, I realize not everyone is interested in the business side.  I get that.

That's where I've done some research to get people the MOST for their money.  Erica and I discovered a way for customers to save 47% on their order.  Lately, I have been bombarded with emails about the detox and what is needed from Arbonne for success.  It is easier for me to line it all out for you here.  Are you ready???

Arbonne offers an option of becoming a Preferred Client.  Basically, you pay $20 for the year and get 20% off anything, anytime for the year.  It's kind of like a Sam's Card.  That's not the big savings though.  If you opt to become a Preferred Client, Erica and I uncovered an even better deal.  You can get $325 worth of Arbonne products for only $200 plus taxes/shipping/preferred client fee.

Here's where it's helped about 10 of my customers who wanted to do the detox.  The detox 'kit' is retail $289 plus a $50 7 Day Body Cleanse.  Here's the items in the Detox 'Kit':

  • two bags of vegan protein
  • one bag of soluble flavorless/odorless fiber
  • two boxes of Fizz Sticks (Mommy Crack)
  • two bags of Fit Chews
  • two boxes of Detox Tea

By the time you add the $289 for the Detox Kit, plus $50 for the 7 Day Cleanse, plus shipping and tax you end up spending $384.10.  YIKES!!!  Some customers are okay with that, but this money saving gal is not.  I would rather you get the whole detox kit for $260 (that includes shipping/tax/preferred client fee) shipped to your door.  Not to mention you will also get a free gift!  That's my kind of savings.  Saving a little over $120 PLUS a free gift.

Let's say the detox is not for you.  There are so many products I have fallen IN LOVE with.  The baby line for example has been the saving grace for two of my friends whose children suffer from ezcema.  The make-up primer and RE9 line had me at 'Hello'.

If you have been wondering about pricing and how this will fit for you, maybe this is your answer.  I promise to never look at you as a dollar sign or try to 'sell' you.  I honestly want to help you get started on better options for health and save money.  Some major loves of mine.  But guess what?  If you still want to drive thru McDonalds, I'll still love you!  I won't turn into the crazy Arbonne lady.  At least not yet ;)

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