Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Peeing On My Parade

 Negativity bothers me.  It bothers me a lot.  I'm even bothered that I'm about to post on negativity.  However, it's on my mind and I need to let it out.

A few weeks back Steven and I were searching for safe supplements for our family.  We looked into a lot of different products and decided Arbonne was the most well rounded line for our family.  I had no intentions of turning this into a business, but I have and I'm very glad I did.  It has been a fruitful journey financially AND in my relationships.  My family is currently going through the detox with Steven and I and their reports have been amazing.  In fact every person in my boot camp that is detoxing is also having an amazing experience.

Doesn't sound so negative, right?  Every person who has committed to doing the detox has had nothing but positive, healthy results.  Every person I have spoken with who has been through the detox before that I lean on for support speaks nothing but praises of how well they felt on the program.  It brought healthy changes to their lives.  Things I love and stand for.  Making healthy changes.

Still no negatives yet, right?  Here it comes.  Despite how wonderful I feel, my family feels, and my friends feel, I have experienced some Debbie Downers.  People who want to throw out their discouraging words.  That bothers me.  I am bothered by people who discourage others.  I am bothered by people who feel insignificant when others around them are working to better themselves.  I am bothered so much that I realized I was bothered.  ARGH!

I was thinking about how this negativity was affecting me and I read a beautiful quote on a friend's facebook page.

What comes out of someone else's mouth is a reflection of their heart...not yours.

That quote hit me hard.  The people speaking negativity around me, spreading dissention, and passing out discouraging words has nothing to do with where my heart is on the issue.  I should not be bothered by someone else peeing on my parade, because I feel wonderful.  I feel strong.  I feel capable.  I feel empowered.  

On the flip side of this coin, I am also reminded to double check my words to make sure they are true reflections of my heart.  My heart is to serve and help others while demonstrating how Jesus has changed my life.  If those words do not support what my heart believes, then I shouldn't let them out.  That's some good accountability for me right there.

And those my friends are my deep thoughts.Happy Hump Day!  Just in case you don't know what "Hump Day"'s the hump of the work week.  Not something else.  Right, Lindsay Little???

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Ashley said...

Gah, bunch of haters out there! That was a lovely quote and absolutely true! I think it is awesome what you guys are doing! I would love for us to do eat healthier and cleaner but seeing how 2/3rd's of my household gags if any vegetable besides green beans, corn and potatoes touches their mouth (not mine) I am having a hard time envisioning it. Though I have been really thinking hard about how to make it work. But I know you totally understand the full time working parents and the piece o crap meals we eat. Frozen fish sticks anyone? Gotta move away from frozen foods!