Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Monday

This week's menu is a doozy.  Well, today is a doozy at least.  I'm fairly certain that if I survive all the calories and fat from tonight's meal, then I should eat a raw food diet for the rest of the week.  But...I'm not.  The rest of the week equates to more calories and more fat, but hey!  It's delicious.  So I'm going to use that as my excuse to eat poor this week.  I'll understand if you run away from this menu straight into the arms of your uncooked veggies.

Monday-Chicken Tacos with Taco Dip
Tuesday-Monterey Chicken, Corn Casserole, and Trees and Raisins
Wednesday-G-Dawg's Stuffed Burritoes, Mexi Rice, and Corn Saute
Thursday-BBQ Meatballs, Smashed Potatoes, and Green Beans
Friday-Club Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Chips
Saturday-Grilled BBQ Chicken Quarters, Spring Salad, and Zuchinni Cakes
Sunday-Dinner @ Mom's


Mom said...

I love reading the dinner at Mama's part. It's the happiest part of my week! I love you!

Alice said...

Do you have an assembly line ready to help you out tonight?? LOL! I printed that recipe out when our BFF posted it!!