Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It Was a Poopy Day

We had a busy, busy day yesterday.  Busy with all kids of fun stuff.  Fun stuff like playing at the park for an hour and a half, only to come inside for a quick lunch and naps.  When the kids woke up they found me reading on the back porch, so they marched right out to resume playing.  After watering the flowers, the kids got their suits on and played in the sprinkler.  That's when the poop happened.

Don't worry, I don't have any pictures.  I've already lived through this once, so typing this out is like reliving a nightmare.  Feel free to find complete humor in this story, because I would be laughing hysterically if it happened to you.  Except it didn't.  It happened to me, and I'm not laughing.

It all began when Little Miss told me she needed to go potty.  Looking down at her grass covered feet, I knew there was no way I was going to let her traipse through the house just to pee.  We moved to the side of the house and I held her up as she tinkled.  Five minutes later she asks to go potty again.  I specifically asked her if she needed to pee or poo.  She was adament that she only needed to pee.  I believed her.  As I'm holding her the second time all I see are little dribbles here and there.  Right when I start to set her on her feet, she starts screaming.  Then I see it.  'It' being her poo.  Yep, two little droppings hit the grass.

It gets worse. 

I asked Little Miss to hold it for just a second as I ran her in the house to put her on the potty so she could finish her business.  As I'm running back to the porch I hear Mason yell, "Ewww!  Gross!  Mommmmy!"  I turn the corner to catch Chunky Monkey chunking his poopy diaper on the concrete.  There was poo everywhere.  That's when the dry-heaving began.  I have cleaned a ton of poopy diapers in my day, but for some reason this one got me.  I couldn't wipe anymore.  Poor Chunky Monkey.  He got a hose to the booty.  As for the concrete, it got a good spray down with a bleach mixture once I got the kids settled inside.

There.  You have it.  My poopy day.  Despite how disgusting it may have been, I'm still thankful that I have these three monkeys to keep me on my toes, and I bet you're thankful I don't have pictures.  These kids make my heart pitter-patter...

However, their poo does not.


Alice said...

eeewww poo! I feel sad for you. I dry-heave and sometimes I actually vomit with poop diapers or poop accidents.

Jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

Oh gosh!! Nothing quite prepares us for these "fun" motherhood things. Stuff we would like to live without experiencing, lol!

JulieBGreen said...

Haha! I can totally relate. I wrote a post titled "An Inconvenient Poop" on my blog, because seriously its like they hold it until its time to walk out the door! Everyone is all ready to go and then some baby poops, lol!