Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go Getters

There are some weekends we relax. Rarely, but it happens.  We usually jam pack our weekends with family time and projects.  This last weekend's project turned into a two day outdoor marathon.  It all started with my idea to put landscaping in the backyard.  Previously we had grass, and when I say grass I mean immaculate grass.  It was pretty, but my heart longed for a tree and some dimension. 

Poor Steven, he knows when my heart longs for something it usually means his muscles will long for something else...Icy Hot.  You would think after 8 years of marriage, he would turn and run the other way, but he likes rough work.  I think he should have been a farmer.  After all, he does have the brute strength for working the land. 

If I had doubted his ability to work the land, I would have been reassured on Saturday.  As I dragged the family to the backyard on a chilly Saturday morning, Steven grabbed his shovels and began to shovel up his beloved grass.  He carefully sectioned the grass into sod like pieces and then shoveled out the root so he could transplant it to my father-in-law's yard.  At one point he asked if I could get him a machete.  I didn't get one.  I wasn't sure of his intention in using the machete.  Was it for me or the grass?  I didn't want to find out.

After an hour of sod work, we began leveling and mixing is some good nutrient rich soil with the dirt.  Then the planting began.  I would like to call it a Plant-a-Thon.  I wish now I would have asked for sponsors and then broadcasts our acheivements along the way.  You would have been impressed, and I would have been rich.  Here's the Plant-a-Thon recap...
  • Two bushes my neighbor just ripped out and had in trash bags.  I about died.  The bushes retail for $30 each.  I blame this on their youthfulness.  So young.  So naive.  I'm so thankful.  I just saved myself SIXTY BUCKS!
  • Three Hostas from my grandparents yard...in Springfield, MO.  They survived the 3 hour car ride.
  • One Flowering Plum Tree.
  • Two Creeping Phlox.
  • One Tomato plant.
  • One bunch Cilantro.
  • One bunch Chives.
  • Two bunches of Parsley.
  • One bunch Greek Oregano.
  • One bunch Thyme.
  • {Patiently awaiting Steven putting in rock as the border instead of edging.}
  • A container full of Impatients.
  • One flat of Begonias.
  • {Peek-a-boo!  There's me in the window.  Slightly creepy.}
  • Rows and rows of Monkey Grass (From G-ma's and G-pa's).
  • {My Pansies survived the winter.  I have an issue with ripping out living flowers. 
    Guess I'll wait until they kick the bucket before I replace them with Begonias.}
  • Layed 3 bags of mulch.

Total cost: $64 (Including 2 bags of Tree and Shrub mix, and 2 bags of container potting soil)

Since we had set aside around $500 for this project, I'd like to call this Plant-a-Thon a success!

BUT, we're not done yet.  Steven and I still had some gumption left in us.  Gumption or stupidity...I'm not sure which.  After getting the backyard how I wanted it, I looked over at our pathetic patio chairs.  Then I thought of that black spray paint can sitting in a closet.  I put the two together and I am a happy woman.

{My Summer reading spot.}
I was impressed with my spray painting ability.  As I was cleaning up our mess from the day, I walked right passed the window pane.  Darn it!  It got two coats of paint as well.  However, I'm still not done with the dang thing.  Maybe next weekend...


Michael said...

Well done. And those new shutters are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l

Alice said...

Very nice!! Spray paint is so magical!

Rosina said...

It looks great Amanda!! Inspiring for the the weekends to come:) Been meaning to get my garden in but lack the motivation.