Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chubby Cheekers Time

Hello All!  I thought I'd give all my fans out there a little update on my awesome life...

I'm getting older now.  Becoming older brings new discoveries and achievements that make me beyond proud of myself.  I've slowly figured out that those long things attached to my body are my arms and attached to those things are my hands.  Those hands have these awesome pokey things called fingers.  Life is so good when I find one of those.  I could slurp on those delicious little fingers all day.  

Call me a genius, but I've also figured out how to open and close my hands.  Mom, being the nice lady she is, puts toys in them for me to hold on to in the car.  That has kept some of my car crying at bay because it's super hard to lick my toys and cry at the same time.

This week I've been going to my brother and sister's swim lessons.  They get to do all the fun stuff.  Since I can't swim yet with them, I've decided to just take little snoozes while they scamper about.  All those splashy water sounds and that moist warm room put me to sleep every single time we're there  I can't wait to do the big kid stuff like them, but Mom says I have to wait.  Then she mentions something about me staying a baby and never leaving her.  Then she tears up and smooches my face.  That woman is Cuh-Ray-Zee!

Even though she says she loves me she and Dad missed one really big breakthrough for me. I've always had super strong biceps and can push myself pretty far off the ground, but this past couple of weeks is I have learned to roll from my tummy to my back.  The first time I did it, I thought I had Mom's full attention.  She was sitting on the floor with me giving me my Tummy Time when I decided to impress her with my new skill.  Wouldn't you know that as soon as I did it, she turned her head to talk to Daddy?  I was so upset.  All that work for nothing.  When she finally realized my amazing feat, she screamed it to Daddy.  He went to grab the video camera, but you know what? I didn't do it again.  Those people should have been watching me the first time.  You know what they say.  Ya' snooze ya' lose!

Despite my parents' lack of attention to my rolling over, I have made some new friends.  THEY pay attention to my every mood.  Just like true friends they pick me up when I'm feeling down.  They console me.  They listen when I talk.  I bet they would never miss me rolling over.  Nope, they cling to my every word and every move.  

See what I mean?  Those friends want to do nothing but watch me smile and coo.  They don't get sidetracked with Daddies!

YIKES!  I hear Mom coming to check on me before bed.  Better go.

Chubby Cheekers


Alice said...

these are so funny! where are your kids doing swim lessons? I am so sad the BA Community center is not doing them this year.

amanda torres said...

Alice we are doing them at ORU. Two full weeks $50. I have been very impressed with their skill progressions. The instructors push the kids to do more each day. I'll email the info if you'd like it.

Alice said...

yes please do! I want to get Colton in swimming lessons!