Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Not too long after I won my super cool iPad a friend said to me, "Things just work out for you.". I have to admit they do.  Don't get me wrong, our family has faced many adversities.  We have been scared. We have felt defeat.  We have tasted bitterness.  We have experienced a lot of unpleasant circumstances that life brings your way.  Fortunately, we attend a church that has taught us many valuable lessons on how to handle the difficult situations.

First off, when really rotten things are thrown our way, we don't speak the negatives of the situations.  For example, when my mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, we didn't talk about how we would tell the kids if she were to undergo chemo treatment.  We didn't discuss how devastated we would be if life were to go on without her.  We didn't allow our mouths to confess any negative outcomes that could happen.  Instead we repeated what the Word says.  When horrendous thoughts overtook my mind, I pushed them out and repeated what God has said.  God can restore.  God can heal.  God works miracles, and He did in my mom.  She is cancer free.

When Little Miss was 2 months old, and again at 3 years, we were told she needed to be evaluated by a cardiologist for a significant heart murmur.  Again, we felt defeat.  We were scared.  We didn't talk about our fears with each other.  We didn't hold each other and cry.  We prayed.  We searched the Bible for scriptures on healing and what God says about our children.  We repeated those scriptures over and over and believed them to be true.  God can restore.  God can heal.  God works miracles, and He did in my daughter.  She has a healthy heart.

We have faced infertility.  Yep, never shared that one before.  We tried for almost a year to get pregnant with Little Man.  A full year.  Doctors told us we would need to seek infertility treatments if we wanted any hopes of having children.  I went straight to work to find all the different women in the Bible who faced the same predicament, what they did, and I did followed their recipes for success.  Come to find out, we're both pretty fertile.  There was absolutely no trying to get baby #2 or baby #3.

Besides the occasional health scare, life can attack you in other ways and we have been there too.  We have felt the pinch of rising prices of commodities and luxury items.  We have sometimes looked at what we bring in and wonder how it all works.  There have been times I have wondered how it all gets paid, but I know one thing for sure.  It will get paid.

Steven and I have often prayed for financial blessing over our family and our children.  Money isn't everything, but it is needed.  Even though our budget can get tight some months, we know God is our provider.  Even though we both have means of bringing in income, we know that God in charge of getting that money to us.  There's lots of scriptures in the Bible that teach us about money.  The biggest a giver.

I don't care how much I think we may have in abundance or in shortage, the first thing we do after receiving a payment for our work is to tithe.  We give at the minimum 10% of our gross income to the church.  There's a reason for it and we have reaped so many benefits because of tithing.

I really didn't mean to get off on the tangent of tithing, but it goes hand in hand with keeping up within God's protection financially.   To make a long post short...or cuttin' it off...I'd just like to say that yea, things do just work out for us, but it's not just because of luck.  We found a system...THE system that works.  Following God's Word.  It keeps us safe.  It keeps us protected.  It keeps us blessed, and we love it.

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Mom said...

Amen, my precious daughter. God is faithful and I am so blessed by your faith and devotion to Him.