Tuesday, May 29, 2012

THE Menu

It's not Monday.  It's Tuesday, but a girl's still gotta eat.  I'm sure the majority of you didn't wake up early yesterday to see what the Torres familia was eating for dinner this week.  If you are like every other American, you probably ate something that had to do with the grill.  We did.  Two night in a row and I loved every minute of it.

It hasn't even been a full weeks since school is out and we are already marking items off our 'Summer List'.  Since last Tuesday we've put a check by swimming and swimming lessons (which we'll continue to do throughout the summer), going to the races (like Outlaw type cars...did I get that right, Jeff?), and a cookout with an outdoor movie night.

This coming week we plan to watch Steven, Rene, and Jeff participate in the Oklahoma Warrior Dash, continue swim lessons, swim in the neighborhood pool, sign up for the summer reading library program, and a long awaited dinner night with our good friends.  We aren't wasting any time over here.

In the midst of all this fun, I still have to cook.  Here's what's going on with us...

Monday-Uh...we went to a cookout.  It was yummy.
Tuesday-Roasted Chicken and Potato Dish Ranch Style, Buttered Wheat Bread, Seasoned Green Beans
Wednesday-Pizza Bread, Salad, Fruit
Thursday-Chicken Kiev, Broccoli Bake, Crescents
Friday-Dinner @ the Kueny's!!!
Saturday-Sweet and Sour Chicken, Brown Rice, Stir Fry (This dish takes time so it keeps getting bumped because of our busy schedule)
Sunday-Dinner @ Mom's???  I love you Mom!

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