Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tired, Tired Parents

Recently we went to Little Man's baby buddy's birthday party.  I say baby buddy, because Little Man and "L" have been buds since Little Man was 9 months old and "L" was 4 months old.  Can I just say I love birthday parties?  I realize I'm with a dying breed, but I still view birthday parties as a celebration of a child's life.  We make every effort to attend parties.  To celebrate the life of some of your best friends' children is heartwarming. 

What is not heartwarming is how haggard we parents look at this party.  When I was tagged into the party pics, I about died.  Steven and I, along with Jeff and Kristi (my high school pal), look like we are the most miserable people in the world.  This couldn't be further from the truth, but they say photos don't lie.

With enthusiasm as such, you should invite this pleasant gang to all your parties.  We are for hire. 
You know, to excite your other guests.


Ashley said...

HA! I love it. I think any real life pictures of birthday parties you will see parents looking tired or screaming at the kids. Not like the happy smiley fresh looking faces of people you see in magazines. But that is how everyone looks in the pictures from K-dubs birthday parties.

Alice said...

I have a few pics of me pulling my hair out. Haha! I LOVE birthday parties too. I really enjoy planning them and being a crazy lunatic wanting everything to be perfect.