Friday, May 13, 2011

Family *Therapy* Fun

For almost 2 months Little Man prayed to get one of these...
After seeing his persistence, Steven and I got him one for Easter.  I'm not sure who loves it more, Little Man or Steven and me.  It's quite the addicting toy.  We even set up a target on the back door for us Little Man to practice on. 

Seeing we are a super competitive family, everyday chores are easily turned into bets, competition, and wagers.  Here are some examples of our family fun...

Nobody likes to clean up after dinner.  Technically, the clean-up process should fall under 'Steven's Chore List', but since staying home, I've become pretty lax on him.  So one night I asked him to do the duty.  He turns to me and says, "I'll shoot you for it.  Best 2 out of 3."  I'm not one to turn down a little friendly competition so I agreed.  He set up a water bottle at the end of the couch.  Whoever hit the bottle more times out of 3 would be the winner.  The loser had to clean up.  Unfortunately, we both suck so neither one of us actually hit the target.  However, I got the closest.  I was declared the winner.  Steven, well, he was the loser.  He hates to be called a loser.

The above example is not even my favorite.  This next story is free therapy, and my favorite game ever. 

Last week, Little Man, Chunky Monkey, and Little Miss were driving me mad.  I think someone slipped them a 5 hour energy drink in their sippy cups.  They were on non-stop destruction mode.  My only defense was heading outside.  Obstacle course after obstacle course, they were still going strong.  That's when a gigantic light bulb went off.  I ran inside, grabbed the bow and arrows and instructed the kids to line up at the neighbors fence line.  The object of the game was to run to the other side of the yard without being hit with an arrow.  Yep, my own little moving targets.  Apparently my aim had improved cause I nailed each one of them in the booty.  They laughed hysterically, and it was a super stress reliever for me.  My moving targets finally pooped out on me after 30 minutes.

When Steven got home for work, Little Man was trying to explain the rules of the game, but wasn't doing it justice.  Soooo, I told Steven I would show him.  Being the obedient man he is, Steven lined up at the fence and darted across the yard.  I think he pulled some Jedi moves because I missed.  That got me burning.  Next trip across the yard, I missed again.  It was war.  On the third trip, I pulled back hard aimed a few feet in front of his body and WHAM!  I nailed him right in the back of the neck.  Oops. 

He wasn't really thrilled.  I think there were some tears.  Not really, but tears would have made the story so much better.  Sadly, it was my turn to be the moving target.  He got me on the arm the second time across.  It didn't hurt.  My pain tolerance is way higher.  I am thoroughly convinced this is why I had two babies and he didn't.

There you have it.  My very best family fun game.  I look for this to be the next big thing in family therapy sessions.  Oh you don't agree with me?  Let's take it outside.  I'll show you!


Joy said...

Fun fun! And I love the new look!

Jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

My boys have been eyeing that too! =)