Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our New Sprinkler System

When we built our house we had "X" amount of dollars to spend.  Instead of rolling the extras into our mortgage, we decided to pay out of pocket for anything we opted to upgrade.  When it came time to make the decision to put in a sprinkler system or purchase the most beautiful stove ever, Steven told me to get the stove.  Yep, he's pretty much awesome.  Well, a year later he finally got his sprinkler system.  It's pretty awesome...

Okay, so maybe this isn't what he had in mind, but the kids love it.  Really he is getting a sprinkler system installed in the front and sides of the house, but not for the back.  There's way too much that goes on back there.  I can just see a kid knocking sprinkler heads off over and over and over.  So no sprinkler system back there yet.  Anyway, this new little gadget my mom bought for the kids (with coupons...65% off) is the best little watering thing ever.  What's not awesome is when you go to fix one of the wiggly arms and you get shot in the face with water.  Precisely why I don't put make-up on during the week.  Precisely.

On a completely unrelated note, check out Little Miss in the background.  Sucking thumb...check.  Finger in belly button...check.  I think this is going in her senior year slideshow.  Classic Little Miss. 

Now for the most precious shot ever.  The best cuddle bugs around.  My precious babies were freezing after the sun took a dip behind the clouds.  I just want to jump into that towel and squeeze them up.

Grandma?  Hey, it's me.  Do you see the plant you gave me behind Little Miss?  Could you please tell me why its leaves are wilting?  I keep the soil well watered and it only receives morning sunlight.  What am I doing wrong?  Love you!


Ashley said...

Little ones running through the sprinkler is one of the best things ever. I would have picked the stove too.

Alice said...

Colton has an obsession with putting his finger in his belly button. What is up with that?

Maybe you are getting the plant too wet??? That's why one of mine at work died. Plants are dumb anyways...this one needs water, this one doesn't, put this one in the sun, this one in the shade. Blah blah blah!

He was a smart man to pick the stove...if he wouldn't have then you might have not wanted to cook for him as much :-)