Thursday, May 19, 2011

She's the Best

I know everyone thinks their grandma is the best, but yours is going to have to take a back seat to mine.  Sorry.  My grandma is hands down the best woman ever.  I could listen to her stories of growing up in the depression, yet still having a giving heart for hours.  She looks to bless others always.  She's a great example of how we all ought to live.

Knowing all this about her, I shouldn't have been surprised when she called me a few months back and offered me her full set of Frankoma Plainsman Prairie Green dishes.  She began collecting this particular collection of Frankoma Pottery when she was my age.  Piece by piece, she was able to put together an entire set.  Many of the pieces are difficult to find today, but she searched flea markets all over to find them all.  As we packed the pieces to make the move to our home, she told me how she came about finding her first pieces, the plates, all the way until she collected the last accent pieces. 

Even though these dishes come with a great value, it's the stories and memories that are priceless.  I have a little bit of my grandma that I will get to keep forever, and eventually will pass them along to Little Miss.  I get a little emotional thinking about the legacy that has been passed down. It's not just about the plates we eat on or what butter dish we scrape from, but the memories of time spent together at the dinner table.  Grandma, thank you for choosing me to house your Frankoma.  I love them almost as much as I love you.

Without further ado, I give you my newest collection of Frankoma Pottery...
 {Tea Pot with Cream and Sugar Bowls}

 {The basic plates, bowls, butter dish, and serving platters}

{Pitchers and Vase}

Not pictured: the most adorable coffee mugs ever.  I didn't take their picture because you would be insanely jealous.


Alice said...

Very cute! And I have the best grandma ever also!! I hate to think of mine passing away. But she has promised me all of her cast iron skillets, cooking utensils, her bedroom set, and her huge family Bible. And like you said, that will be something I can use for memories all of the time.

Jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

That is the sweetest!! Something you will cherish forever! My grandma gave me a watch a few years ago she received when she retired. I was tickled she thought of me to give it to. Glad also she didn't loose it in a fire in their home several years ago. =)