Friday, May 6, 2011

Man Date

Steven took off work one day this week to take Little Man to his first baseball game.  Now, I realize I get to do a whole lot with the kids while Steven's working, but it was still hard to miss out on one of Little Man's 'firsts'.  As I packed my boys up for their outing, I made Steven promise to take pics.  He did.  He's a good, good man.  I am fully convinced when Carrie Underwood wrote Mama's Song, she had my man in mind. 

Back to the point.

Looking through all the pictures I was so thankful that Steven took the time to have a man date with his only son.  Unfortunately my lovely, wonderful, giving, precious husband indulged my baby boy a little too much.  Check out the loot from the day...
{A gigantic finger}

{Nacho Cheese Doritos}


 Editior's Note:  Amanda Torres was not happy about the pop, but after much counseling she has come to terms with the consumption of pop.  Just don't bring it up around her.  Talking behind her back is acceptable in situations such as this. 

{Big League Chew}

{Steven wanted to be sure I got the full effect of the gum}

{Yes.  There it is. Cotton Candy.} 

I'm so glad I taught Little Man to make good healthy choices.  I really can't complain though.  They both had a fabulous time together.  Memories made.  Good times.  I had some good times also.  Good times brushing Little Man's teeth like nobody's business and pumping him full of fruits and vegetables.  I should have taken pictures of that!  Instead, I'll close with the good stuff.  Little Man with one of the game balls the first baseman tossed his way, and my men.  One little and one big, but I love them both!

{Moment of Silence required for observing my man's biceps}

Okay, we can continue...
Nighty-night Little Man. 
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Mom said...

Adorable pics! Plus, Mason high fived all my students during one of his concession runs. It was a great day for baseball. However, my students got the hotdog sack lunch.

Ashley said...

Looks like a sugar enduced coma to me! Last time J and K had a daddy/daughter day he only took 2 pictures. None of them together. He said he was more concerned thatn playing with her than taking pictures. He just doesn't get it.

Alice said...

Haha! I'm picturing you brushing his teeth and it is making me laugh!! Glad they got to have a man date!