Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My First Time

While you sleepy heads are enjoying your morning coffee and reading this here blog, I am out making some money, er- saving money.  In fact I'm saving in a whole new way this morning.  I'm hittin' up the Harp's Double Coupon Event in Tulsa.  Each month, Harp's, has a double coupon event.  I've never been before, but today was my day.  I spent a considerable amount of time preparing for this trip.  I'm hoping to spend under $20 and stock up on some much needed items.

Since I don't know their everyday store prices, I have my high value coupons listed.  In front of the coupon I wrote how many of that coupon I have, and after the coupon I have what the total savings would be after the coupon doubles.  This way as I'm hunting down my deals, I can decide if I want to purchase an item or not.

Yes, I have issues.  It's okay if you noticed.  I'm well aware.  No, I don't mind if you point it out.   However, if you find these pictures helpful, I regret to inform you that you too have issues.  Sorry 'bout it.

I have my coupons listed out this way so I can shop efficiently.  For example, when hitting the condiment aisle all I have to do is look at the price of Kraft BBQ Sauce.  If it's around $1, I'll get 2 bottles because two coupons each double up to $.90.  I'm good with spending $.10/bottle.  That's my plan at least.  It could all go you-know-where in a handbag real fast if the prices are high.  In that case, I will tuck my tail between my legs and whimper all the way home, and don't think I won't.  Savings are a big deal to me.

UPDATE:  I have returned from Harp's with a few lessons learned. 

Lesson 1:  If you want all the deals you're scoping out, be there when they open.  The freebies I was hunting were already gone 2 hours after opening.

Lesson 2:  Leave the kids at home.  Both my little nuggets did great, but after standing in line for over an hour they were getting tired and I was running out of entertaining ideas.  It's amazing what a pair of socks can do in a pinch.  I'm fairly certain the other customers thought I was a few eggs shy of a dozen.

Lesson 3:  Just because a coupon doubles does not mean you have a good deal.  I was pretty shocked at the stuff in people's carts.  For example, one lady was stocking up on Cheerios.  Each box was $4.69.  She had -$.75 coupon that would double to -$1.50.  Great double, but expensive cereal.  She was still paying $3.19/box.  Had she waited until cereal went on sale to $2.50 (through a competitor ad), and used her coupon she would have only paid $1.75 instead of $3.19.  It's important to be aware of original prices before heading out.

Here's my small purchase...
Not much but, all of it was either free or under a $1, except the diapers.  Those puppies were $5.69 (still a good deal).  I'm ready for the day that Little Miss can hold her pee overnight, but still thankful she's daytime potty trained.  Overall I'm happy I participated in the deals, but I do plan on switching up my strategy next time.


Alice said...

Fingers crossed for you!
I also have issues. I need to start researching so I can do this next month. I think I will just print your picture ;)

Alice said...

glad you updated...that is pretty ridiculous about the cereal. I bet your kids are learning such valuable lessons about saving.